Why You Should Join The Covenant In New World

As with other MMO-style titles, New World offers its own faction system, with players able to align themselves with three groups that each want different things from Aeternum. The Marauders believe in strength through military force, while the Syndicate pursue knowledge as a means to power. Finally, the Covenant are a religious order tasked with stamping out what they deem “unholy”.

We’ll come onto the others shortly, but for today, let’s take a look at the Covenant in more detail.

Who Are The Covenant?

The Covenant are deemed a “fanatical order”, looking to restore the holiness of the world - through unsavory means, if necessary. Resolute in their beliefs and with plenty of followers across Aeternum, they want to be on the right side of history - and anyone who isn’t with them is against them.

To side with them, you’ll need to hit level 10 and complete a quest that introduces all three, then head to the Covenant leader and pledge your allegiance.

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What Kind Of Player Does The Covenant Suit?

If you fancy being a little wild, then perhaps the Covenant is for you. Sure, they’re buttoned up, but they’re also stubborn and think they’re right - which makes them extra dangerous.

If you want to cleanse the unholiness and sinners from Aeternum with a bit of deadly magic or a sword through the heart of your enemies, then you’ve come to the right place - and you’ll feel pretty smug in the knowledge that it was all in the name of holiness.

If you fancy a crusade against criminality, then welcome to The Covenant.

What If I Change My Mind?

Luckily, the factions system is pretty flexible. While you can’t jump into whichever faction is currently dominating (more on that shortly), you can change to another faction every 120 days.

What Can Factions Do For Me?

Depending on your chosen allegiance, you’ll be able to squad up with friends, or tangle with other factions in PvP. Each faction has its own specific gear to earn, and you’ll find various discounts and perks throughout Aeternum if your faction is in power.

To be able to run a town or even an entire region, your faction will need to be working together to complete missions and improve its standing. If your Faction rules the roost, you’ll get loot bonuses, better yields of crafting, and even deal more damage to enemies – so it’s worth keeping your team at the top.

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