Everything you need to know about New World, Amazon's upcoming MMORPG

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It takes a lot of guts to create and fund a brand new game as a brand new studio, even more so when you're building an MMORPG. New World, from Amazon Studios, is exactly that. A super ambitious project with a major financial backer.

Despite the support and finances behind the game, New World has still suffered many delays but is slated for release soon. Here's everything you need to know...

New World Release Date

New World is currently set for release on Tuesday, 28 September. It's suffered a few delays over the last year before landing on this date. It appears, however, to be locked in for its currently selected date.

There will be one last Open Beta before the release of the game. It takes place between 9-12 September. Registration for the New World Open Beta begins on Wednesday, 8 September.

New World Trailer

If you're wondering whether or not New World is for you, there are plenty of trailers available before release. The 'Chart Your Fate' trailer is one of the better ones to watch as it mixes story with gameplay footage.

It was often believed that New World would not be an MMORPG in the traditional sense. There was talk of a more complex and souls-style combat system being in place. The reality is that the game does do a lot of things differently from other MMORPGs but it's not the trailblazer many make it out to be, based on initial impressions at least.

What Editions of New World are available?

There are three different editions of New World available to pre-order. The standard edition comes with a pre-order bonus pack that includes;

  • Isabella’s amulet. Equip Isabella’s amulet to gain additional constitution to weather attacks and deal additional damage against certain types of supernatural enemies.
  • Unique title. Proudly display your “Expedition One” title as part of the initial wave of explorers to hit Aeternum’s shores.
  • Emote. Greet your fellow adventurers with the Fist Bump emote.
  • Guild crest set. Three unique guild crests featuring axes, muskets, and armour.
New World MMORPG Action Shot
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The Digital Deluxe edition includes all of the above plus the following additional content;

  • Woodsman armour skin. Stand out from the crowd or blend in with the forest with the Woodsman armour skin.
  • Woodsman hatchet skin. Complete the Woodsman look with this skin for the versatile hatchet.
  • Mastiff house pet. Make your house a home with the Mastiff house pet. Access to housing unlocks at level 20 in-game.
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors emote set. Rock, Paper, Scissors, a light-hearted game with friends or a tool for making difficult decisions.
  • New World digital art book. A collection of incredible concept art from the making of New World.

Finally, there is the Steelbook edition which is a physical/digital hybrid. It contains a digital copy of the game within a New World Steelbook with a collectors map. The rest of the content matches that of the Digital Deluxe edition.

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