What are Factions in New World?

In New World, three factions are vying for control of Aeternum and its territories. Upon hitting the required story mission, which happens quite early on, you'll be faced with a difficult decision.

You will commit yourself to one of the three Factions; The Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant. Each has its ideals and beliefs but which one matches your playstyle, preference, and who do you want to represent?

Once this decision is made, there is no going back. You will only be able to join Companies within your selected Factions and fight wars that your Faction is involved in. So, which one will you choose?


The Marauders Faction in New World is all about brute force. They are a militant Faction hell-bent on establishing an Aeternum where the strong survive and prosper and the weak are left behind.

New World Factions Marauders
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The Syndicate is a secretive organization that relies on its intellect to navigate its battles. They hope to usher in a new age of enlightenment in Aeternum.

New World Factions Syndicate
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The Covenant is the religious fanatics of New World, a Faction that intends to cleanse the last of heretics and defilers the ensure their holy beliefs can flourish as the one true belief.

New World Factions Covenant
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Faction Goals

Each Faction in New World wants to rule and control as many territories in Aeternum as possible. The benefits of controlling more territories include damage done to local creatures and better resources found within those areas.

All Factions also have access to unique gear and missions which can be obtained from Faction representatives across various settlements. Territories are fought over using Influence which is earned from both PvE and PvP missions.

New World Factions War
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PvE missions see you gathering resources, fighting creatures, and crafting supplies to aid a settlement. The PvP missions will ask you to complete more complicated tasks while also automatically enabling PvP combat meaning you can be targeted by foes.

The culmination of taking over territory is the War Declaration which will see a company selected to take on the job of clearing out the current inhabitants in combat. A Company is selected at random and smaller groups that are selected and have others within the Faction volunteer to help during battle to ensure things are kept fair.

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