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It came as quite the surprise when Hogwarts Legacy was first revealed during a PS5 livestream. The game is not exclusive and will release on multiple platforms. This showing was just the official reveal and debut of the game.

We were treated to a trailer offering hints as to how the game may play out, but no explicit details beyond this. Let's take a look at what we know about the title.

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date

Hogwarts Legacy doesn't currently have a confirmed release date. The initial trailer did use 2021 as a time window but this was moved to 2022 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Developers Avalanche Studios have been fairly quiet on major details around the game. There have been very few updates or dev diaries produced since the reveal.

Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

There is still only the original reveal trailer available for you to watch. Beyond this we have seen nothing from the game. WB Games do have a presence at E3 2021 and could choose to bring more info and additional footage from the game and present it there.


WB Games actually have their own event planned for E3 2021 but this is dedicated to Back 4 Blood. As Sony have no presence at E3 it could be unlikely we see anything new, but only time will tell.

Is JK Rowling Involved With Hogwarts Legacy?

No, after the game was initially announced this was addressed. JK Rowling has no attachment to, or influence over the product. Due to the authors controversial beliefs surrounding transgender rights, it was an immediate concern for many fans.

Hogwarts legacy JK rowling
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The controversial author has no ties to the project

It has since been confirmed that the game will include and allow for transgender characters to be created. Avalanche have stated that trans rights are important to the fanbase and inclusivity is an important part of the game.

While this is great news, it unfortunately came in response to further allegations. This time aimed towards the, now former, Lead Designer Troy Leavitt who expressed controversial views on his YouTube channel.

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