UPDATED Next PlayStation State of Play rumoured for March

The next State of Play event is always a hot topic of discussion within the PlayStation community as everyone tried to figure out when we can expect more news on upcoming games. Well, we can finally start looking towards the next digital showcase because it may be sooner than we thought.

With the early rush of games almost done with, we can start looking toward the rest of the year with more excitement. There are still a few PlayStation exclusives that we could do with knowing more about and some third-party titles without a release date.

Which title looks set to be the centre of attention during this rumoured State of Play event? Well, it's none other than Hogwarts Legacy.

UPDATE - Forspoken delay coming at State of Play?

We recently learned that Forspoken might be about to receive a delay to take it away from its planned May release date.

While unconfirmed, the source who broke the news stated that the delay could be made official during the proposed March State of Play event.

Sony State of Play - March 2022 Rumours

While a few sources have stated their belief that the March State of Play event is on the way, no one has confirmed this information. Almost every source has openly stated that their belief comes from a set of general beliefs as opposed to hard evidence.

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Will Sony offer a long lead time up to the event?

With God of War: Ragnarok set to release this year while still undated and games like Hogwarts Legacy in the same boat, many believe it just makes sense for a March State of Play to be the logical solution.

We have to agree that it seems like the best time to drop an event like this but we still have our doubts. With February and March both being bust months on the gaming calendar in 2022, it would be reasonable for PlayStation to push any event out as far as April.

What games would appear?

If a March State of Play happens, it makes sense that God of War: Ragnarok and Hogwarts Legacy would play a huge role in the shows.

Hogwarts legacy state of play
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Will we finally get a Hogwarts Legacy release date?

Ghostwire: Tokyo could also receive some last-minute attention if the event took place prior to its release on 25 March.

Finally, we expect Forspoken to receive some coverage with its planned May release creeping ever closer. Beyond these major Triple-A games, PlayStation is sure to showcase some indie games as they have in the previous State of Play events.

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