Genshin Impact Lyney Build Guide: Best weapons, artifacts, and team comps

Genshin Impact Lyney

Genshin Impact Lyney

When it comes to the builds in Genshin Impact, the difficulty lies in the great variety of different stuff in the game, and not every player can make it correctly. If you are struggling with a build for a new character, this Genshin Impact Lyney build guide comes to the rescue.

Here you can learn some lore, the best weapons, artifacts, and team comps for Lyney. If you follow this build carefully, you will unleash its full potential and enjoy the game even more.

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Who is Lyney in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Lyney
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Lyney is the brother of Lynette and Freminet and for a long time, they lived on the street, but thanks to Arlecchino they got a home, so he is still in touch with Fatui. Lyney and Lynette learned the art of magicians from Cesar and became really good at what they do, garnering .


Lyney is far from the strongest hero, but with the right team, he will bring a lot of value as the main damage dealer. He is easy to learn to play and scales rapidly, so if you combine him with Bennett, you will create an invincible team.


Since Lyney is best suited for Mono Pyro teams, you probably won't have any reactions. Also, he does not have that many potential team comps, so it can become boring to play him over time. Another problem is that this character mostly damages one target only, so it is better not to take teams with him against groups of enemies.

Best weapons for Lyney

Genshin Impact Lyney
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Weapon name
Main stat
Weapon skill
The First Great Magic
Gives an additional Charged Attacks DMG. Gives an ATK bonus for each character in the team who has the element of the weapon wearer, and the weapon wearer is taken into account. For each character whose element is different from that of the weapon wearer, the character receives a Movement SPD bonus. Up to three characters are counted.
Aqua Simulacra
Gives HP bonus. You get a bonus to DMG if there are enemies nearby. This effect works even if the character is off the field.
Prototype Crescent
You get a bonus to Movement SPD and ATK for 10 seconds if your Aimed Shot hits a weak point.

Best artifacts for Lyney

Genshin Impact Lyney
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Name of artifact set
Artifact bonuses
Sands main stat
Goblet main stat
Circlet main stat
Marechaussee Hunter x4
DPS Build
When your HP changes, your CRIT Rate increases by 12% for 5s, and this bonus can stack up to three times.
Pyro DMG Bonus
Wanderer's Troupe x4
Reaction DPS
If you are equipped with Catalyst or a Bow, you get a 35% bonus to your Charged Attack DMG.
Pyro DMG Bonus

Best team comps for Lyney

Genshin Impact Lyney
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The best way to increase Lyney's effectiveness is to add as many Pyro characters to your team as possible. That's why Bennett is the best support for him and is used in almost all team comps with Lyney. Cryo characters are also good allies for Lyney, but then her damage will not be as good.

  • Xiangling
  • Bennett
  • Kazuha
  • Rosaria

The new Lyney character will be a great option for you if you've been wanting to play as a Pyro DPS for a long time. But choosing the best equipment and allies for an unfamiliar character can be difficult, so we hope that our guide will be helpful.

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