Cross-platform is coming to an EA game - What's next for FIFA 21, Madden 21, Apex & others?

The future is now. EA are finally enabling cross-platform play for a title.

This could be the start of a gaming revolution.

Cross-platform is coming to Need For Speed Heat

Cross-platform play has helped create the modern juggernauts of gaming like Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone.

Breaking down the barriers between gamers has made these titles the social destination for many during COVID lockdown.

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Finally EA are getting in on the act.

They are starting small, adding cross-platform to the most recent Need For Speed title.

As of 9 June all NFS Heat players will be able to come together.

Is this just a test for EA before full implementation?

Is cross-platform coming to FIFA, & Madden, & Apex?

With EA Play just around the corner and new games for both FIFA and Madden on the way shortly, fans are gearing up for big announcements.

If cross-platform is a success on NFS, then it's almost a guarantee that EA will roll it out across other titles.

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We already know that cross-platform works great with shooters, so Apex is a certainty to get it.

Fans have wanted it for FIFA and Madden, especially for connected career modes and Ultimate Team, forever - If we finally get it then it would really be something for gamers everywhere to celebrate.

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