Clash of Clans July 2021 Clan Games Rewards

The team over at Clash of Clans have been consistently updating the game with brand new updates. They don't come without some issues and the recent lack of spending have been worrying but the game looks set to make a comeback with even more features.

Clash of Clans' summer update is finally here and now we're following up June's clan games. This is everything you need to know

Latest - Clan Games Rewards 22nd July Announced

Over on their Twitter page, Clash of Clans have shown the rewards you can get this week. Have a look below to check it out for yourself.

Certainly not a bad week, check back next month for the next set of rewards.

What Are Clan Games?

To put it simply, clan games offer in-game tasks for clan members to complete. Doing so will net players with nice new rewards to upgrade their town and attack their enemies.

You take part in this as a clan and can also lose out as a clan, meaning you should get set up nice and early with a group of friends who can take on the challenge together

Clan Games Rewards

The clan games were revealed just above here!

General Tips

There are some things you should know before going into the latest clan games. These are a few tips:

  • You can only access the clan games if your Town Hall is at 6 or above
  • The Strongman's Caravan is what will alert you to the start of clan games. He will set up a shop at the side of the village where you can tap on him to see the challenges currently available.
  • Challenges are very varied, having you make certain kinds of building or train certain kinds of troops. You may even have to destroy the right building to progress onwards.
  • Clan Challenges are shared throughout the clan so you have to pick the right members for each job
  • Completing a Challenge within its specified time limit will yield additional points.
  • Each time a Challenge is completed, a new one takes its place. The goal is to accrue as many Clan points as possible, in order to unlock higher reward tiers.
  • Clan members are limited to earning a specific amount of points, so you will each need to contribute in order to unlock the higher reward tiers.
  • Once the Clan Games end, rewards are unlocked and distributed to each member commensurate to how many points they contributed overall.
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