The Summer Update For Clash of Clans is Here

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Clash of Clans summer update has finally arrived. In this, you can expect tonnes of updates to the town hall, as well as new troops and special events. Here's everything you should know

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Latest - The Summer Update is Live

Over the last few weeks, we were never too sure when the update would come. Luckily, it dropped today.

If you can't seem to update it just yet, give it a few minutes and you should be able to get in there.


Bug Fixes Revealed

Today, the bug fixes and quality of life improvements for the Clash of Clans Summer Update have been revealed.

The list is really long, so we won't paste them all here, but you can check them out on the official website.

The Summer Update New Features

Rejoice, Clashers, the long-awaited Summer Update is here!

It brings with it numerous quality of life improvements, bug fixes and tweaks, along with new building levels.

But the biggest news is the inclusion of two new troop types, the Dragon Rider and the Rocket Ballon! You can see both in action for yourself below:

New TH14 Levels Announced

In the latest game update we now know more about additional content coming to Clash of Clans. All of these updates relate to players at Town Hall 14.


First off there are new building levels with the Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, Air Defence and Barracks all receiving upgrades.

Building Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS HP
Archer Tower2017.5M GOld17d1401700
Wizard Tower1418.2M Gold18d902900
Air Defence1218M Gold18d4801600
Barracks156M Elixir11dNA1150

There are also some new trap levels available for the Giant Bomb and Air Bomb.

Trap Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DP Radius
Giant Bomb89M Gold11d4004 Tiles
Air Bomb97M Gold9d2903 Tiles

The next update is that Town Hall 14 players can now upgrade 50 additional wall segments to level 15. Finally, we have the new troop levels available as part of the June update. This will affect the Dragon, Balloon and Electro Dragon.

Troop Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS HP Training Cost Training Time
Dragon918.5M Elixir18d350450026K Elixir3m
Balloon1018M Elixir18d27610406500 Elixir30s
Electro Dragon519M Elixir18d360480044K Elixir6m

June 2021 Challenge Rewards

The big June update hasn't popped just yet, but there are plenty of things to be working on in the meantime!

clash of clans
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RALLY THE TROOPS - The Clash of Clans Summer Update is the perfect time to jump back in, chief!

The rewards for this season's challenges are:

  • Silver Tier - Free: 6 Potions + Book o Heroes
  • Gold Tier - U$4,99: 7 Potions + 1 Shovel o Obstacles + 12 Wall Rings + 4 Runes + 3 Books

To unlock them all, you will need a grand total of 2600 Challenge Points, which is admittedly, quite an undertaking to amass!

It is also worth keeping in mind that, while the Silver Tier is free to all players the Gold Tier will cost you about 5 US Dollars.

New Defense Levels Revealed in Jungle Warden Trailer

As spotted by House of Clashers, it looks like Supercell showed off the next level of three defensive structures right under our noses.

Shown off earlier this month in the Jungle Warden reveal trailer, you can actually see the next maximum level of the Air Defenses, Wizard Tower and Archer Tower buildings.

Presumably, these upgrades will be made available in the Summer Update, but precisely when it will go live still remains to be seen...


Platforms & The Future

Clash of Clans is available now (and has been since 2012!) for both Android and iOS-enabled mobile devices. It's free to play, but there are entirely optional microtransactions available to speed the flow of the game up if you so choose.

If you want to take your game to the next level, there is even a way to emulate Clash of Clans on PC.