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Battlefield is heading back to the future after a few years focusing on World War 1 and 2. One thing that the Battlefield franchise hasn’t quite mastered is an appealing Battle Royale mode. Will Battlefield 2042 be the game to break this trend or drop the mode entirely?


Will Battlefield 2042 Have Battle Royale?

There is no Battle Royale mode currently being planned for Battlefield 2042. The game is being described as narrative-driven with its massive scope for online multiplayer.

Battle Royale is not part of the plans at this moment in time but isn't counted out of future plans.

You may be disappointed with the news given the thrill a good Battle Royale can offer. You can take comfort in the knowledge there's still a huge variety of game modes planned.

However, given that previous Battle Royale attempts from Battlefield haven’t offered any sustainable fun or stood out from the crowd, it’s no surprise that it’s not included at launch.

Does Battlefield 2042 Have A Campaign?

DICE have gone all-in on multiplayer this year, meaning there is no standalone story planned. Campaign modes have looked a little different in the last two instalments and 2042 will not feature one at all.


The campaign modes peaked in popularity during the Bad Company titles. Since then focus has always leaned more toward the online aspect of the franchise. With the massive 126-player battles planned for Battlefield 2042, it’s clear that the emphasis will be on multiplayer again.

Fear not, and this doesn't mean the game will be without a story entirely. Even with reduced full campaign modes in previous years, Battlefield has done a great job of creating a narrative using its multiplayer modes.

Battlefield 2042 Release Date

During the reveal stream, Battlefield 2042 was given a release date of 22 October 2021. Battlefield games are usually first shown when close to release.

This ensures that there is less risk of delays. Given the current climate, delays are still possible, but EA and DICE are confident in their chosen release date.


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