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23 Mar 2021

More on Battlefield 6 is going to be revealed soon

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LATEST - Official Reveal Could Be Coming Soon

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Release Date

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Single-Player Campaign

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Additional Information

Looking forward to Battlefield 6? We are too!

But... What do we actually know about it? Check out the latest information about the next game in EA DICE's Battlefield series below.

LATEST - Official Reveal Could Be Coming Soon

According to BravoINTEL, notable Battlefield 6 commentators, we could see an official reveal from EA regarding Battlefield 6 as early as May 2021.

You can check out this latest information in their tweet below:

This will most likely be a Cinematic Teaser Announcement Trailer as the Tweet also suggests that we're going to be getting a better look at the upcoming game at June's E3.

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2021's E3 will be an all-digital event in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This means it will be made up of several two-hour keynote sessions from the convention's partners, three days of live-streamed coverage and more.

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If things go according to plan, it could be a revolutionary way to involve so many more people in the event going forward.

Release Date

At the moment, we don't know a whole lot about when Battlefield 6 is going to come out.

In an earnings call back in November 2020, we learnt that it was slated for a "Holiday 2021" release and these plans don't seem to have changed.

Battlefield 6 Battlefield 4 Key Art
MODERN DAY - Are you looking forward to a Battlefield title set in the Modern Era again?

If we look at the fact that we should get a Teaser in May and a full reveal in June, then Holiday 2021 seems right on schedule.

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In addition to this, EA paused development on the next Need for Speed title to put more focus from its' developers on finishing Battlefield 6. This would suggest that they're pushing for that "Holiday 2021" release, as opposed to delaying the project.

Single-Player Campaign

We don't know a whole lot about what's going to happen in regards to Battlefield 6's single-player campaign, but we're expecting EA DICE to follow the recent trend of Battlefield games and re-introduce their "War Stories" format.

These are the perfect way to encapsulate the global scale Battlefield games strive for and with this Battlefield slated to bring "immense games with teams of 64 people"... It's safe to say it is aiming to be a big one.

Unfortunately, that's pretty much all we know at the moment. Without anything concrete on the setting, or the era it will be set in, we can only speculate about what's to come.

Battlefield 6 Tech Test
TECH TEST - Battlefield 6 is going to bring a never-before-seen scale to the series

The Tech Teaser we got during EA Play 2020 doesn't reveal anything, but it does showcase how good Battlefield 6 could be and how it plans to evolve the franchise.

If you cut to around 00:55, then to the 01:47 mark, in the video below, you'll see what we've got so far:

The Tech Teaser for "Next Gen" does show Battlefield soldiers running with M1 Garand Rifles, which would suggest the WW2-era could be returning, but we're pretty certain that this is just for the demonstration.

A lot of the time, Tech Demo content is made specifically for that purpose and it rarely evolves into anything significant.

There are rumours that Battlefield 6 could be a soft-reboot of Battlefield 3, or that it's going to be set just after WW2 in an effort to continue the trend that appears to be set by Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V... But it really is anyone's guess at this point.


Much like the Single-Player Campaign, any details on Battlefield 6 in regards to the Multiplayer experience are sparse.

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Currently, though, there are some widely-accepted leaks/rumours which we're going to share below.

  • Battlefield 6 is going to be Cross-Gen.
  • Battlefield 6's Next-Gen versions will have access to exclusive playlists that support up to 128 players in one game.
  • 64v64 will still be the "meat and drink" of the Multiplayer experience.
Battlefield 6 V Tank Binoculars
VEHICLES - Are you looking forward to a selection of modern-day vehicles in the next Battlefield?

Additional Information

In an effort to avoid overloading you with information, we're going to list a few of the key leaks and rumours regarding everything else to do with Battlefield 6.

  • Battlefield 6 could launch alongside free-to-play Battle Royale (Tom Henderson)
  • Battlefield 6 is set in the Modern Era (Jeff Grubb)
  • Technical advancements of new consoles are integral to the development of the game (bravoINTEL)
  • Battlefield 6 could just be called Battlefield in series rebranding (CharlieIntel)
  • Battlelog is looking like it could make a return as it's recently become active again on Twitter (Battlelog)
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