Minecraft Update 1.20: Everything you need to know

Minecraft Tales and Trails

Minecraft Tales and Trails

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Fans are ready for the next big update to arrive, and Minecraft update 1.20 now has a name, so get hyped for Trails and Tales! There's a ton of new content coming with the update, including new mobs, a brand-new biome, and much more to explore and collect.

This update will make Minecraft 'Minecraftier than ever' while focusing on self-expression, creativity, and intrinsic motivation. Here's everything we know so far about when we expect it to arrive so you can get in on the action as soon as possible.

Minecraft update 1.20 release date

Since The Wild update only arrived less than a year ago, we likely still have a little wait until Trails and Tales arrives. We now have a ton of information about what to expect, however, and it's one of the bigger updates we've had.

Minecraft 1.20 Archeology
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While we still don't have an official release date for Minecraft Trails and Tales, it has been slated for a release 'later this year'. Traditionally these big Minecraft updates land in June so circle that month in your calendar!

In the meantime, there are still ways for you to try out the update before it releases, which you can access right now. The Java snapshot and Bedrock beta are now available, with almost all the features we can expect to be added with 1.20.

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Trails and Tales

Minecraft Trails and Tales may seem like a vague name at first, especially after Caves and Cliffs and the Wild being so to the point. It does speak to the motivation behind the update, however, with emphasis on the journey that Minecraft takes us on, and the unique stories that each of us brings back.

Minecraft 1.20
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As the official Mojang blog post puts it:

Sometimes, that journey is literal, like riding towards the horizon on a camel with your best friend. Other times, it’s more metaphorical, like learning how to evade hostile mobs or working out a smart mining system. At the end of the journey, however you have chosen to play Minecraft, you will have your very own story that goes with it.

Trails and Tales will come with a ton of new features and will likely make exploring even more rewarding. We'll keep you updated with any new features that are announced, along with when exactly you can expect it to drop.

New mobs

As usual, Mojang is adding new mobs to the game with update 1.20. It's remarkable how they keep finding new mobs to add but this time there are two main ones.

The sniffer is a Minecraft-specific mob that looks kind of like a giant turtle, but with a massive beak!

The Sniffer in Minecraft Update 1.20
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WHAT IN THE WORLD - The Sniffer is certainly unique!

This six-legged, long-haired, shell-covered... thing is an ancient mob that was extinct but update 1.20 will let players bring it back to life. Players will need to find eggs and hatch them to get a sniffer.

These mobs can sniff out seeds that will let you grow unique new plants.

Camels are coming to Minecraft at last! Like other mobs you can tempt it and breed it, but you can also saddle it and ride camels. Because they are so big, each camel can carry two players.

Two adorable camels in Minecraft
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HOP ON - Camels will be the newest rideable mob in Minecraft when 1.20 drops

Whether you will need two saddles or not is unknown right now. The same goes for what you will need to breed them with, but we can't wait to take the latest cute mob out for a spin!


Some form of Archeology has kind of been in Minecraft since the beginning. After all, we dig around in the dirt an awful lot!

However, in update 1.20 we will finally get a true archaeology in Minecraft. To get started you will need to head out to the desert and find a new block, suspicious sand. Then you can use a new tool, the brush, to extract whatever is hidden within.

New pots formed from Archaeology in Minecraft
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CALLING DR JONES - Unleash your inner Indy!

There are pottery shards and other random objects within these blocks. Four pottery shards will let you build an awesome new decorative block.

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