Minecraft 2020 Striders: How To Ride, Breed, Tame, Behaviour, Location, Hoglins, Nether Update & More

With all of the lava fields spread around Nether, you'll need to ween yourself off of your reliance on horses, and sharpish!

However, there are some passive mobs that can be tricked into giving you a ride across the fiery fields!

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Nether Update

The Nether update arrived on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Windows 10 and other confirmed platforms on 23 June.

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NEW ON THE BLOCK: The Crimson Forest is dark and filled with surprises

New biomes, mobs and tools have arrived with the update, with an aim to encourage exploration!

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There are also two forests that were introduced with Nether.

The Warped Forest is one of the safer parts of Nether as it is Hoglin-free, thanks to the abundance of Warped Fungi. 

The Crimson Forest attracts Hoglins and Piglins alike though, so be ready for a fight if you stumble across them without the right equipment!


In short, Striders are passive mobs that came with the Nether Update.

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FLOOR IS LAVA: Striders can be used to cross the extensive fields of lava in Nether!

They can be ridden across lava seas in Minecraft, but it won't be as simple as it is to tame a horse!

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Striders can be annoying but have their uses, as we will explore below.

How to ride a Strider

To ride and controls striders in the Nether Update, you're going to need four materials to craft a fishing rod.

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A SCORCHER: With horses out of the equation, you'll have to improvise

A saddle: They are not terribly difficult to find, but you will have to tackle some dungeons, temples, or fortresses to give yourself the best chance.

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Some sticks: You'll only need three sticks for this, so go knock on a few trees.

String: String can be found by killing spiders, looting desert temples or searching villages, and you'll need two pieces!

Warped fungus: Warped fungi can be found in warped forests, and is the favorite food of striders, and you'll need to it to ride and breed them.

Once you've crafted your fishing rod, you;'ll be riding Striders in no time!

How to breed a Strider

Warped fungus tend to send Strider mobs into freak mode.

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A SIMPLE PROCESS: Just come prepared with the right materials!

A strider that eats a warped fungus will become attracted to towards other striders, and once two get together, a baby strider is spawned nearby!

It only takes 20 minutes for the Strider to mature into an adult, and they'll grow faster in the presence of warped fungus.


Hoglins are the only hostile mobs that can be bred to provide a plentiful source of food.

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DON'T BE INTIMIDATED! It's much simpler than you'd think to breed Hoglins.

This makes them very valuable in the Nether, but you need to remember that they can be very aggressive!

However, a good stock of crimson fungi and a well thought out plan will take you a long way.

Head over to our Hoglin Guide for more details on them.

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