Madden 24 Title Update - Franchise crossplay is finally here!

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There is a lot of content coming to Madden 24 in the upcoming days, so a new title update makes sense. This title update addresses plenty of bugs, fixes some gameplay issues, and launches a highly anticipated feature.

Title update 7 has few but impactful gameplay changes and also aims to make the transition into Season 4 as smooth as possible. It's worth noting that, this title update has already gone live.

So let's find out everything about the Madden 24 Title Update 7.

Franchise crossplay is finally here!

As mentioned above, Title Update 7 is introducing some gameplay changes, and addressing many bugs. However, the introduction of the Franchise crossplay feature is by far the highlight of this update.

Cloud Franchise leagues can now include Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation5, and PC players. This means players from different platforms can now create and play in the same Franchise league, something the community has been asking for years.

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Players who want to use this feature are advised to start a new Franchise file/ league. That's because, the feature is still in the Beta phase, and there is a change developers need to temporarily disable it.

So if you plan on having a Franchise crossplay league with your friends, make sure to have this in mind.

Gameplay changes

This title update didn't introduce massive gameplay changes, so don't expect the gameplay to feel incredibly different than before

The biggest gameplay change Title Update 7 introduced was tunning the fatigue logic. Defenders who aren't dedicated pass rushers will now be more affected by it if they engage with a bigger pass blocker.

Madden 24 gameplay footage
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Other than that, two small bugs were fixed, and other stability fixes were made. The developers also addressed some bugs in the Superstar and MUT modes,

Unfortunately, the Play Now mode didn't receive any update, and some other gameplay problems the community has complained about remained untouched.

You can read the full Madden 24 Title Update 7 gridiron notes here.

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