Madden 24: All Team Diamonds cards announced!

Madden 24 Team Diamonds

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The incredibly popular Team Diamonds program is coming to Madden 24, and Theme Teams players couldn't be happier! Fans were a little worried the program had been replaced by the Division Dynasty program, but thankfully it's now confirmed that won't be the case.

This year, the Team Diamonds program is introducing higher OVR cards, with great attributes and all the team chemistries. That's why this program is perfect for Theme Teams players since it helps them find that one card they have been looking for.

Without further ado, let's find out everything about the Team Diamonds program, starting with its release date.

Latest: All Team Diamonds cards revealed

As Madden had previously announced, the GMM stream of Thursday, 30 November, revealed all the information regarding the Team Diamonds program.

This means that all the Team Diamonds program cards were also disclosed! The program contains some spectacular cards, that because of their great attributes and X-Factors will quickly become meta.

Madden 24 Team Diamonds Program
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These cards are perfect for upgrading your team and will help you secure a lot of wins in MUT Champions. Who knows, maybe they even help you qualify for the upcoming MCS Zero Chill challenge.

So let's take a look at all the cards the Team Diamonds program is bringing to MUT.

LTD's (92 OVRs)

  • Alshon Jeffery - WR - Bears
  • Geno Atkins - DT - Bengals
  • Ruben Brown - LG - Bills
  • Julius Thomas - TE - Broncos
  • Doug Martin - HB - Buccaneers
  • Aeneas Williams - CB - Cardinals
  • Philip Rivers - QB - Chargers
  • Reggie Wayne - WR - Colts
  • Brian Orakpo - ROLB - Commanders
  • Terry Kinard - FS - Giants
  • Joe Thomas - LT - Browns
  • Will Shields - RG - Chiefs
  • Chuck Howley - MLB - Cowboys
  • Reshad Jones - FS - Dolphins
  • Troy Vincent - CB - Eagles
  • Bill Fralic - RG - Falcons
  • Merton Hanks - FS - 49ers
  • Donovin Darius - SS - Jaguars
  • Joe Klecko - DT - Jets
  • Kevin Glover - C - Lions
  • Clay Matthews III - LOLB - Packers
  • Julius Peppers - LE - Panthers
  • Logan Mankins - RG - Patriots
  • Lincoln Kennedy - RT - Raiders
  • Ryan Mcneil - CB - Rams
  • Anquan Boldin - WR - Ravens
  • Jimmy Graham - TE - Saints
  • Steve Largent - WR - Seahawks
  • Le'Veon Bell - HB - Steelers
  • Mario Williams - LE - Texans
  • Keith Bulluck - ROLB - Titans
  • Fran Tarkenton - QB - Vikings

Champions (96 OVRs)

  • J. J. Watt - RE - Texans
  • Todd Gurley II - HB - Rams

Team Diamonds release date

All the Team Diamonds program information was revealed on the latest GMM stream, which took place on 29 November, at 7pm ET/12am GMT.

The Team Diamonds program is arriving at MUT on Friday, 1 December, at around 10:30am ET.

Madden 24 Team Diamonds program
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This program is going to introduce a plethora of new cards to MUT, challenges, and packs. So, let's find out what is the Team Diamonds program all about.

Team Diamonds program

As mentioned above, the Team Diamonds program is one of the most popular programs of the Madden franchise. This program has been around for quite some time, and its theme has remained very similar throughout the years.

Team Diamonds will once again have 32 unique sets, which offer a player from each team. What's unique about Team Diamonds players is the fact that they possessed the chemistry of all the teams they played for. Furthermore, they also get double chemistries for the teams showcased in their card and provide a team boost to the players in your squad.

Each of the players also has a unique attribute boost. This boost is applied to every member of your squad who is from the same team showcased in that Team Diamonds player card.

Madden 24 Team Diamonds Donovin Darius
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To earn the Team Diamonds LTD's cards, players will need to complete their respective sets. To do that, users will need to exchange 1 card from that player's team, and 24 cards from that player's division.

When it comes to the Team Diamonds Champions cards, players will need to collect 32 Team Diamonds tokens to acquire them. The two Diamonds Champions cards are absolutely insane, especially because they have all 32 team chemistries.

So make sure to get your hands on either J. J. Watt or Todd Gurley II if you can. If you manage to get both of them, then your team will have two of the best Madden 24 MUT cards!


The Team Diamonds program will introduce many new challenges to Madden 24. These challenges will allow players the chance to earn some great rewards, such as cards, packs, coins, and XP.

Players can then use these rewards to upgrade their squad or complete card sets. Some of those rewards are very useful for completing some of the Team Diamonds sets.

We hope this guide answers all of your questions about the Team Diamonds program. For more guides and all the latest news about Madden 24, check out Realsport101.

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