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Madden 24

Madden 24

Madden 24 is just around the corner, and the hype for the game has reached historic levels. With the game releasing on 15 August, there isn't much new information to be revealed. However, the developers had yet to talk about Ultimate Team and its new features.

Finally, on 7 August, the Madden 24 Ultimate Team deep dive was released. It revealed a lot of new features and improvements to older ones. These changes will certainly make the game mode better, and improve the players' gaming experience

Without further ado, let's find out which new features were added to Ultimate Team in Madden 24.

Ultimate Team new features

As mentioned above, the Ultimate Team game mode brings many new features. Some of them will massively help the quality of life of MUT players, such as the Live Event Hub.

Madden releases a plethora of cards, programs and challenges, throughout the year. For new players, this can be a little bit overwhelming. That's why the developers introduced the Live Event Hub, which will help players keep track of new programs, cards, sets, and challenges.

The Live Event Hub wasn't the only feature implemented to help new players. Madden 24 also brings a "new and improved tutorial system", that will help players get familiarised with the game.

Madden 24 Live Event Hub
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This year's edition also sees the introduction of the Catalog feature. In the Catalog tab, users will be able to see players' item abilities, AP cost of abilities, and the global usage of that particular player in Ultimate Team. Furthermore, the Catalog also informs players of where and how they can obtain a specific item.

The biggest announcement of the Madden 24 Ultimate Team deep dive, was the addition of the Cross-Play feature for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. This way, players can now face off against their friends using their dream team.

It's also worth noting that, the economy of the new and the old-gen will be separate. This is something that doesn't come as a huge surprise, as the game will continue to cater to new-gen players in the future.

Other changes

The features introduced above were the main things that will change in Ultimate Team. However, the EA Sports developers also announced some smaller changes.

Features such as the Competitive Pass, and the MUT Champs underwent some changes. In most cases, these changes were very positive, such as the Competitive Pass ones.

Madden 24 preseason player pack
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Now, the Competitive Pass lasts for a full MUT season and has daily, weekly, and season rewards. Furthermore, every pass includes two exclusive player items, that users can earn. These items have a base and limited version. The limited version players come with special abilities and are actionable. However, they can only be earned by the first 1K players.

When it comes to the MUT Champs feature, it underwent a structural change. Champs is now open to everyone, and you no longer need a token to enter. Furthermore, instead of requiring heroes from a specific program, Champs will now require "Non-BND" players of a specified OVR. The Champs items at launch have also been revealed as having an 87 OVR.

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