Madden 24 MUT & Superstar deep dives coming soon

Madden 24 Justin Jefferson

Madden 24 Justin Jefferson

The launch of Madden 24 is just around the corner. Fans just need to wait two weeks until they can get their hands on the game. This means we are entering the last phase of content unveiling for Madden 24.

Until now, Madden 24 has revealed the changes coming to its Gameplay and Franchise mode. They showcased the massively improved gameplay and showed which new features are coming to Franchise.

However, there still isn't much official information about the changes that are coming to MUT and Superstar mode. Luckily for all the Madden 24 fans, the MUT & Superstar deep dives are very close and will shed some light on the new features.

So, let's find out when and where the MUT & Superstar deep dives take place.

Madden 24 MUT & Superstar deep dives dates

The Madden 24 content roadmap was announced quite a while ago. However, the exact dates of the MUT and Superstar deep dives dates weren't revealed. EA Sports just mentioned they would come in early August.

Since Madden 24 is releasing on 15 August, we know they will happen before that. So, we can expect the MUT deep dive to happen somewhere between 1 August and 7 August.

Madden 24 Content Roadmap
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As for the Superstar deep dive, it should take place between 7 August and 14 August. It's likely it will happen before 14 August, otherwise, it would be too close to the release date of the game.

So far, all the Madden 24 deep dives have taken place in different weeks, at least eight days apart from each other. This means you can expect the Madden 24 MUT deep dive in the first days of August. Once the date of that deep dive is announced, we know the other one should take place seven or eight days after.

Where to watch the MUT & Superstar deep dives

The previous Madden 24 deep dives were all released on the official Madden YouTube channel as videos. After being released on YouTube, they are also quickly posted on the Madden 24 Twitter account.

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Fortunately, the Madden 24 deep dives have taken place at a very suitable time for Europen fans, and other time zones. Taking into account the release time of the previous deep dives, we can expect the MUT & Superstar deep dives to happen at 11am ET/16pm GMT.

These two deep dives will provide fans with a lot of new information about the two game modes. New features will be showcased, as well as improved ones. Hopefully, we can see some exciting changes being introduced.

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