Madden 24 leaker claims surprise name is the best CB in new game

Madden 24

Madden 24

Madden 24 release date is inching closer, and with it, plenty of new information is constantly being released.

The game has already announced many new features, with many others being leaked. Among the many leaks that have come out about the title, were the ratings of some players.

The top ten Wide Receivers ratings have already been leaked by a well-known Madden leaker. This time, that leaker revealed the best CB in Madden 24, with a surprising name taking the number one spot.

So, without further ado, let's find out who is rumoured to be the best CB in Madden 24.

Leaks accuracy

As mentioned above, a well know Madden leaker revealed the ratings of the three best CB in Madden 24.

Despite being only a leak, we have to take into consideration that he also leaked Josh Allen as the Madden 24 cover. Furthermore, he did it three days prior to the official announcement.

So, it's worth noting that this leaker is rarely wrong. Despite that, this is not the official ratings of the players.

Best CB in Madden 24

To the surprise of many, Jalen Ramsey was the name leaked as the best CB in the game.

He is expected to have a 98 OVR, with an incredible 95 speed, and an astonishing 98 man-cover. This means he is able to lockdown opponents, making even the best Madden 24 Wide Receivers struggle to get open.

However, the best CB in the next Madden title should be Sauce Gardner of the New York Jets. This is something most fans also agree on.

Madden 24 Jalen Ramsey
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Jalen Ramsey has some incredible stats!

Gardner had a spectacular season, making the First-team All-Pro and the Pro Bowl. What makes his 2022 season even more impressive, is the fact that it was his first year in the NFL.

Unfortunately, the fact that it was his rookie year works against him in Madden. That's because Madden ratings use three years of data, and Gardner only entered the league last year.

The Jets star isn't even in the top three, with 96 OVR Jaire Alexander and 94 OVR Darius Slay completing the podium.

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