Madden 24: Closed Beta feedback helps devs implement improvements to Gameplay & Franchise

Madden 24

Madden 24

The closed beta for Madden 24 has come to an end. According to the Madden developers, this closed beta was the most successful ever. It was also the biggest one. Never in the history of the game had so many players signed up for the beta.

With so many players trying out the game, Madden 24 developers had plenty of feedback to go through. But that is actually a good thing. This way, developers can fix the problems the game is facing before it is released.

So, let's see what updates to Madden 24 developers are going to make, based on the Madden community feedback.

Madden 24 Gameplay changes

Gameplay is always the feature that receives the most feedback. Every sports game suffers from this issue, as it's impossible to please everyone. Some of the feedback is just about something players don't like to see in the game.

However, the feedback of most players actually helps discover bugs, or mechanics that are overpowered. This was precisely the case in the Madden 24 closed beta. With the help of the fans, developers were able to adjust many features and fix plenty of bugs.

The Input latency issue was the main problem players faced, and developers focused on getting this fixed. This issue would primarily affect players that would make fast pre-snap adjustments. Fortunately, developers found a way to significantly reduce Input latency.

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Madden 24 developers improved pass blocking, fixed match coverage, and also fixed the HB screen coverage. They also tuned many other defensive gameplay features, such as man coverage, man press, and pass rush.

Some small bug fixes and AI changes will also be implemented. QBs would get stuck while snapping the ball in certain animations, and that was fixed.

The AI field goal attempt logic will be improved. That's because the AI was trying too many long field goals. AI clock management will also be updated, so that CPU teams be more decisive with their timeouts. PC users were also experiencing a small camera bug that will be fixed.

Franchise mode updates

The Franchise mode updates are very straightforward. Developers will tune the trading feature. They will make old players less valuable, increase the value of CPU teams' assets, and adjust the value of players from certain positions.

Developers will also update the XP gained from Mini-Games, increasing it slightly. QB injuries in the mode will also be updated, with injuries becoming more likely to happen.

Madden 24 relocation team
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Last but not least, the UI of the relocation feature will be updated. This update will include many new features, such as a preview of the home uniform, logo, and the team's helmet.

Other Madden 24 updates

The gameplay and Franchise mode weren't the only features to receive updates. Superstar mode, Ultimate Team, and the audio feature also underwent some changes.

If you want to find out everything about those changes, check out the Madden 24 Closed Beta notes.

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