Madden 24: AP updates and ability tuning changes confirmed

Madden 24

Madden 24

It's finally here! Madden 24 went live today, and players can finally try out the new game. As usual, this new entry in the Madden franchise brings plenty of new features. Old features were also revamped, to deliver players the best gaming experience possible.

The developers updated many gameplay features for MUT. They took into consideration the players' feedback and reworked the MUT abilities and AP. Many abilities were reworked and others saw an overall decrease in their price.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at the changes introduced to the competitive field pass.

Madden 24 Ultimate Team AP updates

The Madden 24 developers team want to deliver many AP updates throughout the year. However, some AP updates have already been added to the game. The goal is to make the game more balanced, and fair.

So, it was revealed that Madden 24 will have a total of six APs on both sides of the field. This is at least for now, since as it was mentioned above, more will be rolled out through the year.

Madden 24
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Last year, the developers also noticed an imbalance in the archetypes. Archetypes like the field general one were dominating MUT, with all the other archetypes being significantly weaker.

Because of that, in Madden 24, the AP cost will be consistent across all archetypes. This will make the playing field even, and prevent players from exploiting certain archetypes.

It's also worth noting that, the archetype will dictate when a player can unlock a specific ability.

Ability Tuning

In Madden 24, plenty of abilities were also tuned. Some were revamped, while others suffered a small nerf. The goal is to avoid a specific mechanic being too powerful and to make the gameplay as realistic as possible.

Madden 24
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Developers reduced the velocity on passes, lowered the frequency of knockout abilities, and tuned the WR's elite catching ability, to make sure the catching portion only works during single coverage.

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