Madden 23 Ultimate Team new features revealed with Field Pass, MUT Champions & more

Madden 23 Ultimate Team will once again provide a mountain of content this year, but they're making some changes in the process.

We've got details on all the new features and Madden 23 Ultimate Team changes that have just been confirmed.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team new features revealed in Gridiron Notes

With launch now less than a week away for Early Access, we're learning more and more about what fans can expect from Madden 23.

The latest Gridiron Notes release takes a deeper look at Madden 23 Ultimate Team, and there are definitely some changes on the way.

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Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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NEW AND IMPROVED: Ultimate Team is getting a new look this year

We got a deep dive looking at Face of the Franchise the day before, and we could have more Gridiron Notes on the way throughout the week looking at other aspects of Madden 23.

Field Pass reward tracks aim to simplify progression

The first big change coming to MUT 23 is the new arrival of Field Pass, and these Field Passes will be a part of multiple different facets of Ultimate Team.

Season Field Passes will focus on progression and levels with each MUT Season, which are expected to last approximately 60 days each.

The new Competitive Pass will be available at launch with objectives focused on Solo Battles, H2H Seasons, Squads Seasons, or MUT Champions.

Finally, program-specific Field Passes will arrive multiple times throughout the year to pair with programs like Headliners, which will be available at launch.

Every single Field Pass will have distinct rewards, goals, and progression to allow players to earn coins, packs, uniforms, player items, and more.

MUT Champions is replacing Weekend League

If you've enjoyed much of Ultimate Team the past few years, you're likely familiar with Weekend League and its structured style.

MUT Champions is here to take its place, and they've loosened up the time constraints significantly with only a weekly reset each Monday.

Players will be allowed to play up to 25 games per week, and access to MUT Champions will come through new Champs Entry Tokens earned in the aforementioned Competitive Pass.

With the time constraints simplified, rewards are doing the same and will be delivered after finishing each game rather than waiting for them to arrive later in the week.

Sets 2.0 hopefully simplify collections and the Item Binder

While earning cards in groups to complete Sets and earn more cards has been a part of Ultimate Team in the past, it wasn't the most efficient system.

That's hopefully getting fixed with the new Sets 2.0 revamp that should make a huge quality of life difference for players.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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GOTTA COLLECT EM ALL: Sets are getting some major refinement this year

Completing Sets should now take far fewer button presses, and the game will do some of the work for you by automatically checking your inventory for the lowest cost, unused, non-favorited items that could complete it.

Competitive Play, Player & Strategy Items

Finally, we have a flurry of small changes throughout some of the core mechanics in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

Competitive Play gets some adjustment as Solo Battles will refresh to allow up to four per day, or 28 games per week.

H2H Seasons will also be simplified a bit with just 8 games in a season and 6 total divisions, MUT Draft will no longer have Ranked, and Salary Cap has been removed.

Starter teams will begin the year with higher OVR ratings than in the past, and the Power Up system has been scaled back and adjusted significantly.

Strategy Items have also been simplified with only three slots for an offense, defense, and Team Affinity Strategy Item to gain extra team chemistry boosts.

Strategy Items will also be auctionable this year, and players can earn them throughout the year in Field Passes and packs.

We've got more details here on MUT Champions and how it could impact competitive play in Madden 23.

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