Madden 23 MUT Champions: Champs Entry Tokens, Rewards, Competitive Play & MCS Registration

The latest Gridiron Notes surrounding Ultimate Team revealed the replacement for Weekend League, the Madden 23 MUT Champions.

This new format gives you access to competition throughout the entire week, allowing you to earn even more rewards this year.

Let's take a look at the new addition to the Ultimate Team platform.

Madden 23 MUT Champions

Weekend League has been replaced and Madden 23 MUT Champions will take its place when the game releases.

The format is slightly similar, however, you'll now be able to compete and earn rewards through the entire week, instead of just on the weekend.

Madden 23 MUT Champions
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CHAMPIONS HUB: There are some big changes on the way in MUT 23

The weekly reset will begin each Monday, allowing you the chance to earn more Madden 23 MUT Champions rewards which include high overall player cards.

Another added feature of this new format is the Champs Entry Tokens, we'll show you how those work below.

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How to use Champs Entry Tokens

If you want to take part in the Madden 23 MUT Champions mode, you'll need to earn a few of the Champs Entry Tokens.

These tokens will earn you an entry into the competitive mode and you can earn these by completing challenges all through Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

Madden 23 MUT Champions
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NEW TOKEN ENTRY: Only way to get into the MUT Champions is with a toke

There are a few good things about the tokens, one is that they don't expire and go directly into your MUT 23 Item Binder.

This way you'll be able to redeem them to get into Madden 23 MUT Champions in Ultimate Team whenever you want. If you run out, all you'll need to do is play through more challenges.

Competitive Play in MUT 23

There have been changes within the Madden 23 MUT Champions including the Solo Battles, now opponents will be refreshed daily.

You'll have up to 28 games each week to earn rewards throughout the Season. Each Season lasts 60 days, giving you tons of time to earn rewards.

Madden 23 MUT Champions
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SOLO BATTLES: Each week you'll have new opponents and new rewards

Here's an additional change that EA made to Madden 23 Ultimate Team:

"The other key change to Solo Battles this year is how you’ll earn your rewards. While you’ll still be able to see your Battlescore and tier you achieved, making progress through the Competitive Pass will be the main way to earn rewards for Solo Battles."

We'll be sure to keep you updated with any new Madden 23 MUT Champions information each week.

How to sign up for MCS

Something that a ton of players are excited about is the MCS in Madden 23.

The Madden 23 MCS is almost underway with the first tournament beginning on August 20, 2022.

Madden 23 MUT Champions
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MCS KICKOFF: We're nearing the start of MCS, so get ready to go

You can sign up for the PlayStation Madden 23 MCS Ultimate Kickoff by heading here if you need to sign up for the Xbox version, head here.

If you find a way to get to first place during the Ultimate Weekend of Madden 23 MCS, you'll win $50K and you'll move on to the next tournament.

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