Madden 23 Ultimate Team: Calvin Johnson & Darrelle Revis added to AKA Packs

We know that several players are hoping to grab the best Madden 23 Ultimate Team cards and we just may have a way for you to do that.

Two new additions have come to the MUT 23 AKA Packs and they're two of the most important positions on the field.

Let's take a look at the new cards and how much these packs cost.

New Additions to MUT AKA Packs

Each week, Madden 23 Ultimate Team is bringing new cards to the AKA packs and this week it's a wide receiver and a defensive back.

Both Calvin Johnson and Darrelle Revis are coming to MUT 23 in the form of 91 OVR cards that are guaranteed to boost your team's ability.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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MEGATRON: Add arguably the best receiver available in MUT right now.

Of the two cards available, our pick would be the Calvin Johnson or "Megatron" card in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

These are the stats for his MUT 23 AKA card:

  • SPEED - 91 OVR
  • JUMP - 94 OVR
  • CATCH - 88 OVR

If you're looking for a player that you can use in the red zone that is perfect for the over-the-top fade, grab Megatron in Madden 23 Ultimate Team as soon as possible.

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AKA Abilities for additional cards

The MUT 23 abilities were also revealed for the additional AKA cards along with the Theme Teams that are available for these cards.

Getting the most out of these Madden 23 Ultimate Team cards is dependent on knowing what their abilities are and the needs of your team.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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MEGATRON AND REVIS ISLAND: Get the most out of these MUT 23 cards.

With each of these players having a unique set of skills, adding either of them to your Madden 23 Ultimate Team would be a good idea.

Here are the AKA abilities for the two cards available:

  • Calvin Johnson
    • Theme Team: Detroit Lions
      • X Factor: Double Me - 3 AP
      • WR Apprentice - 1 AP
      • Deep Out Elite - 1 AP
      • Mid In Elite - 1 AP
  • Darrelle Revis
    • Theme Team: New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
      • X Factor: Shutdown - 3 AP
      • On The Ball - 0 AP
      • Acrobat - 3 AP
      • Flat Zone KO - 1 AP

Now that we've looked at the abilities for these cards, let's take a look at how much they'll cost you in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team Price

The prices for these packs are actually pretty reasonable considering what kind of cards you can end up getting.

For just 1,050 Points you can purchase a single 87+ OVR AKA Player, quite the deal considering you could pull a 91 OVR Calvin Johnson.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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BEAST MODE: Get the 90 OVR Marshawn Lynch in these packs.

If you're looking to purchase the bundles, you can get the 4X AKA Jumbo Elite Bundle that contains four of the Jumbo Elite Packs, two packs with an 87+ OVR player inside and 2 packs with an 82+ OVR player inside.

Purchasing this pack will cost 12K Points so you might need to save up a little bit before purchasing them in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

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