Madden 23 Ultimate Team: Gridiron Guardians II, Best Cards, Price, LTD & Champion

We're getting even more cards added to Madden 23 Ultimate Team as the Gridiron Guardians II set was updated.

This means that we've got new LTDs and Champions along with several new cards that will make your MUT squad better.

Let's look at these cards and how they'll impact your team.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team Gridiron Guardians II

With more cards being added to Madden 23 Ultimate Team, the Gridiron Guardians set might actually be the best set of them all.

One of the cards that were revealed on Twitter is the 91 OVR Eric Dickerson and the good news is that it's not an LTD.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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DICKERSON MUT 23: Add one of the best running backs to your MUT 23 lineup.

Dickerson isn't the only card that you'll want to add to your Madden 23 Ultimate Team as the LTD DK Metcalf is in this set as well.

Along with him is the Champion Nick Bosa, giving you an incredible edge rusher which is a much-needed position in MUT this year.

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Best Cards in Gridiron Guardians II

Obviously, the best cards in the set are the LTD DK Metcalf, the Champion Nick Bosa, and the 91 OVR Eric Dickerson.

Even if you don't land one of the top cards, however, there are several 88 OVR cards that could help build out your Madden 23 Ultimate Team roster.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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DK METCALF LTD: If you're looking for a primary receiver, Metcalf is it.

If we had our pick of all the cards, we'd likely add the 91 OVR DK Metcalf to our own MUT 23 team. He's perfect as a primary receiver with 91 SPD, 92 JMP, 90 CTH, and 92 SPC.

Here are the rest of the Gridiron Guardian II cards:

  • Champion
    • Nick Bosa - 91 OVR (RE) - San Francisco 49ers
  • LTD
    • DK Metcalf - 91 OVR (WR) - Seattle Seahawks
  • Alter Ego (Standard Cards)
    • Justin Fields - 88 OVR (QB) - Chicago Bears
    • Cordarrelle Patterson - 88 OVR (HB) - Atlanta Falcons
    • Sauce Gardner - 88 OVR (CB) - New York Jets
    • Tremaine Edmunds - 88 OVR (TE) - Buffalo Bills
    • Antonio Gibson - 88 OVR (HB) - Washington Commanders
    • Patrick Peterson - 88 OVR (CB) - Minnesota Vikings
    • Haason Reddick - 88 OVR (LOLB) - Philadelphia Eagles
    • Andrus Peat - 88 OVR - (LG) - New Orleans Saints

Now that we've taken a look at the new cards, let's take a look at the various Gridiron Guardians II missions and prices for this Madden 23 Ultimate Team set.

Price & MUT 23 Missions

The Gridiron Guardians missions will allow you to gain XP and unlock your first Mentor Player. This is a great way to boost your Field Pass in Season 1.

You can collect the Heroes cards and trade them for a 91 OVR Justin Herbert and Charles Woodson Madden 23 Ultimate Team Champions.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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FIELD PASS AND MISSIONS: Level up and earn better MUT cards with each level.

If you're looking to purchase these packs instead of completing the Madden 23 Ultimate Team Missions available, you'll need to get your Training Points ready.

The Jumbo Elite GG Pack costs 2,800 Training Points, the GG Elite Combo Bundle will cost 12K Training Points or you can just grab a 88 OVR Gridiron Guardians Player for 1,050 Training Points.

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