Madden 23 Team Diamonds Reveal & Release Date, must-have for your MUT Theme Team

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We have some unfortunate news for players hoping to check out the Madden 23 Team Diamonds. Unfortunately, they're being postponed for some time.

Due to Hurricane Ian, the release of these cards is being postponed to an undisclosed date, we'll go over that below.

We also made a few predictions for which cards we might see.

LATEST - Team Diamonds delayed

We've got some bad news for you as the Madden 23 Team Diamonds are being delayed after EA released an announcement this afternoon.

The studio announced that due to Hurricane Ian, the Team Diamonds wouldn't be coming out on Friday, September 27.

The good news is the rest of the releases are expected to be revealed this week. This way you'll still receive the Team of the Week cards and the Gridiron Guardians.

To check out the TOTW 3 and Player of the Week Madden 23 Ultimate Team cards, follow this link.

Madden 23 Team Diamonds Release Date

The first expected release date for the Madden 23 Team Diamonds was Friday, September 27. However, we that was postponed due to Hurricane Ian.

These cards are perfect for Theme Teams as it usually gives you one of the best players from each NFL team. One of the best last year was Dan Marino.

Madden 23 Team Diamonds
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NEW CARDS: We all love to receive new Madden 23 Ultimate Team cards.

Although there haven't been any reveals yet, we imagine that the Madden 23 Team Diamonds will be full of several legends for each team.

Our first set of reveals should start tomorrow, so which cards could be coming to the platform when these Team Diamonds are officially revealed?

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Potential Madden 23 Team Diamonds

Although they haven't been revealed yet, we can at least make a few predictions as to who will fill out the Madden 23 Team Diamonds.

We're going to choose a player from all 32 teams to come up with some potential ideas as to who could fill out the Ultimate Team Marketplace.

Madden 23 Team Diamonds
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KHALIL MACK: Could Khalil Mack end up as the Chargers Team Diamond?

We're going to break all of our predictions down by division and remember that some of these Madden 23 Team Diamond cards can apply to various Theme Teams.

We might be wrong about all of these but here are our predictions:

AFC West:

  • Kansas City Chiefs - Priest Holmes - RB
  • Los Angeles Chargers - Phillip Rivers - QB
  • Denver Broncos - Von Miller - LOLB
  • Las Vegas Raiders - Rod Woodson - CB

AFC East:

  • New England Patriots - Tom Brady - QB
  • New York Jets - Darrelle Revis - CB
  • Buffalo Bills - Bruce Smith - DE
  • Miami Dolphins - Jason Taylor - DE

AFC North:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers - Mean Joe Greene - DE
  • Baltimore Ravens - Ray Lewis - MLB
  • Cincinnati Bengals - AJ Green - WR
  • Cleveland Browns - Jim Brown - HB

AFC South:

  • Tennessee Titans - Eddie George - HB
  • Indianapolis Colts - Peyton Manning - QB
  • Houston Texans - Andre Johnson - WR
  • Jacksonville Jaguars - John Henderson - DT

NFC West:

  • Los Angeles Rams - Torry Holt - WR
  • San Francisco 49ers - Jerry Rice - WR
  • Seattle Seahawks - Richard Sherman - CB
  • Arizona Cardinals - Dan Dierdorf - OL

NFC East:

  • Dallas Cowboys - Emmitt Smith - HB
  • New York Giants - Eli Manning - QB
  • Washington Commanders - London Fletcher - OLB
  • Philadelphia Eagles - Brain Dawkins - SS

NFC North:

  • Minnesota Vikings - Randy Moss - WR
  • Green Bay Packers - Brett Farve - QB
  • Chicago Bears - Mike Ditka - TE
  • Detroit Lions - Barry Sanders - HB

NFC South:

  • New Orleans Saints - Morten Andersen - K
  • Atlanta Falcons - Mike Vick - QB
  • Carolina Panthers - Julius Peppers - DE
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Warren Sapp - DT

As we said, we could be wrong about these predictions for the Madden 23 Team Diamonds but if we're right, this is a great lineup of cards.

Quicksell Item information

If you're looking to get rid of some of the Madden 23 Team Diamonds that are on their way to Ultimate Team, you'll need to know how much you'll receive.

For certain cards, you'll earn coins but for most of them, you'll earn Training Points. Let's take a look at what you'll receive for selling these cards.

Madden 23 Team Diamonds
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QUICKSELL: Here's what you'll earn for quickselling your cards.

The good news is that the quicksell values are the same for Madden 23 Ultimate Team on every platform so regardless of whether you're on PlayStation 5, XBOX Series X/S, PlayStation 4, XBOX One, or PC, it'll stay the same.

Here are the Training Point Quickell Values for the basic cards:

  • 68 Overall – 2 Training
  • 69 Overall – 3 Training
  • 70 Overall – 4 Training
  • 71 Overall – 6 Training
  • 72 Overall – 9 Training
  • 73 Overall – 13 Training
  • 74 Overall – 19 Training
  • 75 Overall – 28 Training
  • 76 Overall – 42 Training
  • 77 Overall – 62 Training
  • 78 Overall – 92 Training
  • 79 Overall – 135 Training
  • 80 Overall – 200 Training
  • 81 Overall – 300 Training
  • 82 Overall – 440 Training
  • 83 Overall – 650 Training
  • 84 Overall – 970 Training
  • 85 Overall – 1400 Training
  • 86 Overall – 2100 Training
  • 87 Overall – 3100 Training
  • 88 Overall – 4600 Training
  • 89 Overall – 6800 Training

To check out the breakdown for the rest of the quicksell items before the Madden 23 Team Diamonds are revealed, head here.

Team of the Week Cards revealed

Now that the third week of NFL action has come to a close, there are new Team of the Week cards coming to Ultimate Team.

These cards were revealed before the Madden 23 Team Diamonds and will provide you with several options for MUT 23 cards.

The Player of the Week or POTW revealed was Devonta Smith, who had eight receptions for 169 yards and a touchdown.

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