Madden 23: Skill Based Passing is a seismic gameplay shift for this franchise

A video featuring the Madden 23 gameplay was revealed and within it we learned just how important Skill Based Passing will be.

EA is putting passing control back in the hands of the users and we're happy to share just how important it's going to be this year.

Let's check out the video and what it means going forward.

Skill Based Passing in Madden 23

Players are hoping for significant changes when Madden 23 is released and they'll be happy to know that there are some significant ones.

The new skill-based passing in the game gives players total control of ball placement and it was put on display during a recent gameplay video.

Madden 23
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PASSING ACCURACY: Decide exactly where you want the ball in Madden 23

With tons of different settings to increase pass accuracy, Madden 23 and the Skill Based Passing mechanic will allow you to put the ball in tight spots.

Back-shoulder throws, fitting the ball into tight windows, and more are on the way, allowing you full control over what happens in the game.

You'll be able to target the area within the smallest window which will put the ball only where your receiver can get it.

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How Skill Based Passing affects the Red Zone

One of the hardest areas to score in is the red zone but Skill Based passing is going to make it easier without sacrificing realistic gameplay.

It should be hard to score with the limited space but you should also be able to drop pinpoint passes, providing your Madden 23 quarterback has the skill to do it.

Madden 23
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PRECISION PASSING: Put the ball where you want it, not where the game wants it

These mechanics allow more control and allow you to use your full Madden 23 playbook, you'll still have to dial it in to avoid interceptions.

If you want to see this in action, we're going to show you exactly how it works with some gameplay between TDBarrett and KSpade.

TDBarrett and Cleff Gameplay

Two of the top MCS players in TDBarrett and Cleff faced off for some Madden 23 gameplay, each of these players is great when it comes to passing.

The entire video below showcases their ability to place passes exactly where they want them along with some of the new animations.

The good news is Madden Gameplay Designer KSpade was also there to explain some of these new Madden 23 gameplay functions and how you can set your settings up to the most realistic options.

Check out the video and decide if you'd like to pre order Madden 23.

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