Madden 23 gets 18-minute gameplay and new features spotlight in first MCS matchup

Madden 23 gameplay is a big focus this year, and an extensive preview of FieldSENSE in action has now arrived.

With top players putting things to the test in the year's first MCS matchup, you can see all the new Madden 23 gameplay features in action.

Madden 23 Extended Gameplay Preview with Cleff vs TDBarrett

When Madden 23 was first announced, we got an early look at the brand new FieldSENSE gameplay system bringing massive changes this year.

However, those early looks simply highlighted features and gave us a sneak peek at them in action as opposed to a deep dive.

Many fans have been hoping for an extended look at gameplay before launch, and EA has absolutely delivered with the first MCS matchup of the year.

With commentary from MCS Broadcaster Nick Mizesko and additional insight from Madden Gameplay Designer KSpade, we got to see TDBarrett taking on Cleff in an 18-minute matchup.

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While the match was definitely a lot looser than a competitive MCS clash would be later in the year, EA was smart to put experienced players at the helm.

Rather than the reactions to new features and responsiveness being catered by EA, this preview gives us raw feedback from the players who know things best.

This also means they were able to pinpoint just how different things feel compared to last year, particularly noting that most key strategies from Madden 22 are out the window because of these changes.

Precision on display in new Skill Based Passing system

We're continuing to learn more about the addition of Skill Based Passing, one key feature of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S exclusive FieldSENSE system.

Seeing it in action was definitely one of the highlights of this extended gameplay preview, and we particularly got to see just how accurate players will have a chance to be.

In the image below taken from around the 8-minute mark in the preview above, we see a TDBarrett making a through from near the sidelines which he delivers to the back of the endzone with pinpoint precision.

Madden 23 gameplay
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PINPOINT PRECISION: Passing is on another level this year

The throw delivered as intended for a touchdown, and it was a great example of just how powerful Skill Based Passing could become.

We also got some insight from KSpade on these new mechanics, upgrades to defensive play with new evasive moves for defenders, and playbook changes.

Early Access is less than a week away, so players are running out of time to snag all the pre order rewards available before launch.

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