Madden 23 Ratings Update boosts four players thanks to Ratings Hotline calls

Madden 23 Ratings are heavily debated each year, and the new Madden Ratings Hotline is already letting fan voices be heard.

We've got all the details on four players who have already gotten a Madden 23 Ratings Update thanks to calls to the Ratings Hotline.

Madden 23 Ratings Update lands thanks to Ratings Hotline calls

Arguing about Madden Ratings is nothing new, and it was sure to return when Madden 23 Ratings began to arrive ahead of launch.

However, they've added a new wrinkle this year with the Madden Ratings Hotline where fans can call in and tell Madden Ratings Adjustors everything they got wrong.

The Hotline received thousands of calls (the first 1,000 within 6 hours of it going live), and the first effects are now being felt.

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Four different players across the league had calls which convinced one of the Madden Ratings Adjustors to go ahead and make some changes, as you can see in the video above.

Micah Parsons, Quandre Diggs, Justin Reid, and George Pickens all had a valid case made which is leading to a ratings boost.

Of those, only Pickens saw enough improvement to raise his overall rating from a 74 to a 75, but the others saw some individual attribute boosts.

All Madden 23 Player Ratings Changes

The first caller showcased emphasized that Quandre Diggs needed a higher Madden 23 rating because he's the only safety with 3 or more INTs over the past several years.

George Pickens was the next to go up after a caller emphasized his physicality, and Justin Reid's kicking as of late has apparently not gone unnoticed as he's now the highest rated out of position kicker in Madden 23.

Madden 23 Ratings Micah Parsons
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POST-ROOKIE WONDER: Parsons is entering only his second season

Finally, they addressed a call about Micah Parsons with a slight upgrade, but argued Parsons is already the highest rated 1-year pro in Madden 23 before teasing he could be rated 90+ by Week 3 of the NFL season.

Here are all the ratings changes from this Madden 23 update:

  • Quandre Diggs (FS) - 84 OVR - Seattle Seahawks
    • Catching +3 to a 78
    • Spectacular Catch +2 to a 66
    • Catch in Traffic +16 to a 64
    • Carry +2 to a 66
  • George Pickens (WR) - 75 OVR (+1) - Pittsburgh Steelers
    • Spectacular Catch +1 to an 85
    • Medium Route Running +1 to a 76
    • Short Route Running +1 to a 77
    • Run Block +3 to a 48
    • Strength +1 to a 61
    • Impact Blocking +2 to a 49
  • Justin Reid (SS) - 82 OVR - Kansas City Chiefs
    • Kick Power +3 to an 89
    • Kick Accuracy +4 to a 68
  • Micah Parsons (ROLB) - 88 OVR - Dallas Cowboys
    • Strength +2 to an 82

We've got more details here on some of the most requested player ratings changes coming into the hotline, many of which could see their own Madden 23 Ratings Update down the line.

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