Madden 23 Ratings: All the best players at every position, team ratings revealed

As the Madden 23 ratings see more updates, the first set of adjustments have rolled out and we're here to share them with you.

The Ratings Hotline is now open and it's also responsible for the first adjustments, so make sure you call in when Week 1 of the NFL kicks off.

Now that the game has launched, we've got details on all the top Madden 23 ratings for teams and players.

UPDATED - Ratings Hotline Update

Four players were updated during the latest Ratings Hotline update. The Hotline received several calls (the first 1,000 within 6 hours of it going live).

A notable Cowboys player in Micah Parsons received an update that brought up his strength Madden 23 ratings from 80 OVR to 82 OVR.

Madden 23 Ratings
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PARSONS UPDATE: The strength increase wasn't enough to boost his OVR

Quandre Diggs, Justin Reid, and George Pickens also received some attribute updates during the latest Madden 23 ratings.

Here are all the ratings changes to Quandre Diggs from this Madden 23 update:

  • Quandre Diggs (FS) - 84 OVR - Seattle Seahawks
    • Catching +3 to a 78
    • Spectacular Catch +2 to a 66
    • Catch in Traffic +16 to a 64
    • Carry +2 to a 66

To check out the latest changes after the Ratings Hotline update, follow this link.

Madden 23 Ratings Revealed

After plenty of anticipation and a drawn out full week of reveals, we've now learned about all the Madden 23 ratings that'll be in place at launch.

As they have in other years, Madden 23 ratings will constantly be changed throughout the season with a weekly roster update taking into account real-world performances in NFL games.

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Madden 23 cover John Madden covers variants
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BOOM: Check out all three unique Madden 23 covers featuring John Madden

While some players may be prime candidates to argue they've been snubbed or some teams could appear overrated, that's all got the potential to change after launch.

99 Club & Best Players at Every Position

While it's been larger in other years, things stayed tight-knight for the 99 Club in Madden 23 with just four members at launch:

With so many positions and players to break down, we've got more here on the top ratings across the league:

Each of the lists above break down up to the Top 50 at that position, but you can find details on all the players in the game at the the official EA Madden 23 Ratings database.

Madden 23 Team Ratings

Finally, we have details on how all 32 teams landed when it came to overall team ratings and rankings.

Here are the official Madden 23 Team Ratings for all 32 NFL teams:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 92 Overall
  • Buffalo Bills, 89 Overall
  • Los Angeles Rams, 88 Overall
  • Green Bay Packers, 88 Overall
  • Baltimore Ravens, 87 Overall
  • Los Angeles Chargers, 87 Overall
  • Dallas Cowboys, 86 Overall
  • Kansas City Chiefs, 86 Overall
  • San Francisco 49ers, 86 Overall
  • Philadelphia Eagles, 85 Overall
  • Cincinnati Bengals, 85 Overall
  • Arizona Cardinals, 84 Overall
  • Cleveland Browns, 84 Overall
  • Denver Broncos, 84 Overall
  • Las Vegas Raiders, 83 Overall
  • Miami Dolphins, 83 Overall
  • Tennessee Titans, 82 Overall
  • New Orleans Saints, 82 Overall
  • Indianapolis Colts, 82 Overall
  • Washington Commanders, 81 Overall
  • New England Patriots, 81 Overall
  • Minnesota Vikings, 80 Overall
  • Pittsburgh Steelers, 80 Overall
  • Carolina Panthers, 79 Overall
  • New York Jets, 79 Overall
  • Chicago Bears, 78 Overall
  • Detroit Lions, 78 Overall
  • Atlanta Falcons, 77 Overall
  • Jacksonville Jaguars, 77 Overall
  • Seattle Seahawks, 76 Overall
  • New York Giants, 75 Overall
  • Houston Texans, 74 Overall

We've got more details here about the best team ratings for offense, defense, and special teams.

MUT 23 Ratings Week

We've already had the ratings reveal for the regular part of Madden 23 but now the Madden 23 Ultimate Team ratings are being released.

We kicked off today with the top ten running backs in the game and leading the group is the 88 OVR Derrick Henry MUT card.

Madden 23 ratings
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TOP 10 RUNNING BACKS: Derrick Henry leads the group in MUT 23

The lowest rated card in this group is Cordarrelle Patterson at 82 OVR. However, even with a card at 82 OVR, your Madden 23 Ultimate Team will be pretty strong.

To learn more about these Madden 23 ratings, follow this link.

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