Madden 23 EA Play Trial now LIVE more than 12 hours before launch was scheduled

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The Madden 23 Trial has arrived even sooner than we expected, and fans can hit the virtual gridiron right away.

With this year's game now here in its first form, here's what we know about the EA Play exclusive 10-hour Madden 23 Trial.

Latest - Trial goes live early

While we knew the EA Play Trial was planned to go live soon, EA seems to have jumped the gun and sent things out more than 12 hours early.

Before Noon ET on Monday, August 15, 2022, the Madden 23 Trial went live on all platforms and is available to play right now.

Head to the Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, or Steam Store and look for a separate button signifying a Trial option.

You'll need to be an active EA Play (or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) subscriber for the Trial to be available.

Once you've got it, keep in mind there is a strict 10 hour time limit on the trial where things will shut down once that time has expired.

Make sure not to leave it running in the background, as this can sometimes cause issues and inadvertently leave the timer going when you aren't playing.

We suggest closing the game app and shutting down the console entirely when done to ensure the timer isn't ticking.

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Madden 23 EA Play Trial launch

Players are excited about what could be a glimpse at Early Access through the Madden 23 EA Play Trial. Last year, this was a great way to get an early look at the game.

If you remember, last year we had ten hours of playtime, which gave users the chance to play Madden Ultimate Team, Head to Head, and Franchise Mode.

Madden 23 EA Play Trial
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MADDEN 22 EA PLAY: Get 10 Hours of play time with the EA Play Trial

Last year, the trial was launched eight days before the official launch, but they've decided to line things up this year with Early Access.

The official Madden 23 trial release date is Tuesday, August 16, 2022.

Speaking on the release date, let's take a look at when that could be for Madden 23 on a worldwide scale.

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Madden 23 Release Date

At the moment, we have the Madden 23 release date of August 19, 2022, which lines up with previous releases.

Madden 23 EA Play Trial
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Along with the release date comes Early Access. Depending on the edition, you could receive three days of Early Access. This is only available on All Madden Editions.

Let's take a look at the pre order rewards depending on each of the Madden 23 Editions available.

Pre Order Rewards for Madden 23

Although the Madden 23 EA Play Trial will give you a taste of the game, getting Early Access will give you 72 hours of overall play.

During this time, you can build up your MUT 22 lineup or get started on Franchise Mode, which we should get a first glimpse of soon. Something that next gen players can check out is FieldSENSE.

FieldSENSE is the new gameplay mechanic which will give you full control over the game. During the Madden 23 EA Play Trial, next gen users can get a look at the gameplay improvements.

Now, let's take a look at the pre order rewards for Madden 23:

Madden 23 Standard Edition Pre Order Rewards:

  • Choice of 2 Elite Players (1 Offensive & 1 Defensive) in Madden Ultimate Team
  • All Madden Gear
  • Madden Strategy Item

Madden 23 All Madden Edition Pre Order Rewards:

  • 3 day early access (play on August 16, 2022)
  • Dual Entitlement (receive Madden 23 on both PS4 & PS5 or both Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S)
  • 4,600 Madden Points
  • Exclusive Early Access Challenges in Madden 23 Ultimate Team from August 16, 2022 to August 18, 2022
  • Choice of 2 Elite Players (1 Offensive & 1 Defensive) in Madden Ultimate Team
  • All Madden Gear
  • Madden Strategy Item
  • Limited Time All-Madden Team Elite Player (if you pre order before July 22)

Last but not least, let's go over the reveal trailer for Madden 23 which is when we got our first look.

Madden 23 Reveal Trailer

There have been a few small reveal trailers that we've seen but we're expecting the deep dive videos to come soon.

You can always keep an eye on the Gridiron Notes, especially before the Madden 23 EA PLay Trailer. The Gridiron Notes will keep you up to speed with everything, including trailers.

In terms of the Madden 23 cover, there are a few options out there. On each cover, however, is John Madden, the founder of the game.

To learn more about the reveal trailers and to take a look at all of the Madden 23 covers, follow this link.

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