Madden 23 October Title Update must address these Franchise, FOTF & MUT bugs

With ongoing issues still plaguing the game, the Madden 23 October Title Update has significant pressure to deliver some massive fixes.

We're taking a closer look at some of the biggest bugs across Franchise Mode, Face of the Franchise, and Ultimate Team that the Madden 23 October Title Update must address.

Madden 23 October Title Update due to arrive in a few short weeks

Weeks after the launch of Madden 23, there are still massive issues with the game making several game modes unplayable for many gamers.

Relief could be just over the horizon, as we got some vague news from EA along with the arrival of a few minor fixes in Madden 23 Update 1.04.

Stability improvements and a rare player model issue were all that got fixed that time, but EA promised in a post that the "next Title Update focuses on player feedback from the launch-window of Madden NFL 23."

Madden 23 October Title Update
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WHIFFED: Major bugs have severely impacted the launch of Madden 23

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The same post went on to say that the next Title Update in Madden 23 "is currently targeted for mid-October and the full updates will be detailed via Gridiron Notes."

We haven't been given an exact date, but the most likely time for the Madden 23 October Title Update to arrive would be Thursday, October 13, 2022.

It would fall in line with their mid-October projection, and the September Title Update was dropped on the second Thursday of that month.

Regardless of when it arrives, there are six major bugs across three different game modes that desperately need to be addressed.

Franchise Mode saved games won't load

One of the most frustrating issues that's persisted since the around launch of Madden 23 is the complete failure of Franchise Mode.

For more than a month, players on the EA Answers HQ forum have reported problems with Franchise Mode saved games breaking and refusing to load after significant time investment.

Some players reported that, while this issue is one they'd seen in other years, it'd never been as bad or as consistent as it is with Madden 23.

Online Connected Franchise Mode reverting to previous save points

Unfortunately for fans of playing the Online Connected Franchise Mode in Madden 23, nothing at all has gone according to plan.

Multiple posts still getting attention on the EA Answers HQ forum outline problems with these saves reverting back weeks to previous save points.

Others have reported corrupted saves that revert back and erase weeks of work, and so far there's no fix in sight.

Field Pass not working properly in Ultimate Team

Madden 23 Ultimate Team introduced a new Field Pass this year to handle progression and rewards, but the problem is that it just doesn't work.

Players have been reporting the Field Pass isn't tracking progression or providing any rewards since at least August 22, 2022.

The last word from Community Manager EA_Aljo arrived exactly one month later on September 22, 2022 where they simply said: "We don't have an update on this yet. It's still being investigated. The moment I hear of any news on this I'll be updating this thread."

Campus Heroes & Ultimate Kickoff Sets cause errors in MUT 23

For players who have been able to press forward in Madden 23 Ultimate Team, they've also found Sets not working at all.

Campus Heroes and Ultimate Kickoff seem to be the most reported promos to have this issue, but it could be affecting others.

Players are able to attempt to complete Sets in Ultimate Team, but are receiving a standard "our servers cannot process your request at this time" error.

Face of the Franchise characters broken, progress removed

Players hoping to enjoy the single player career mode Face of the Franchise also haven't been safe from issues, and major progress has been wiped.

Multiple players reported their entire characters, even ones upwards of 98 OVR, were suddenly wiped with wrong positions and all progress erased.

The issue seemed to get worst about three weeks ago, but there are posts even within the last 24 hours indicating this problem has yet to be resolved.

Face of the Franchise contract signing loop

Some of the issues in Madden 23 have persisted for more than a month, and that includes a frustrating bug between seasons in Face of the Franchise.

This year's mode has a contract signing period between seasons when applicable, but players have reported the inability to sign a new contract at that stage for weeks.

The problem continues to persist for some who have bumped the post within the last week in hopes that EA might see or address this problem.

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