Madden 23 Mobile: Most Feared Nightfall Release Date & Download Details

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More Madden 23 Mobile action has been announced with the arrival of the Most Feared: Nightfall program which will be launched tomorrow.

We've learned a bit about the program courtesy of a Good Morning Madden stream, which we'll have for you below as well.

It's going to be a haunting October with this program.

Madden 23 Mobile Most Feared: Nightfall

A quick video on Twitch.TV for Madden 23 Mobile was revealed for the Most Feared: Nightfall program and went over the Field Of Fear season.

If you'd like to watch the entire video, you can head here but we'll also go over some of the details, including the release date.

Madden 23 Mobile
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FIELD OF FEAR: Get the most out of Madden 23 Mobile this season.

The Field Of Fear is a Season 2 program from Madden 23 Mobile. However, we think that this will extend to Madden 23 Ultimate Team as Season 2 is set to begin there as well.

Revealed during the Good Morning Madden stream were the following details:

  • Field of Fear ends on November 2
  • Earn Field Pass Points for FOF Daily goals and Milestones
  • Trade Season 2 Players for 159 OVR Marvel Ray Lewis
  • Obtain Witches Brew and Potions to craft players
  • Players include
    • Bruce Matthews
    • Tom Brady
  • Most Feared Event ends on October 20, 2022

We're expecting to get even more information over the next few days so keep an eye out for all of the Madden 23 Mobile news.

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Most Feared: Nightfall Balloon Pops

Something that several Madden 23 Mobile players are likely asking themselves is how can they earn rewards in Most Feared: Nightfall.

The way that it's done this year is through Balloon Pops. Players can complete challenges and then pop balloons to see which rewards they've earned.

Madden 23 Mobile
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POP BALLOONS: Claim all the rewards you can by popping these balloons.

Your Madden 23 Mobile rewards will depend on how many of these balloons you pop and how many challenges you complete.

The best way to get started is by downloading the game which you can learn how to do below.

How to Download Madden 23 Mobile

If you're interested in jumping into the Madden 23 Mobile action, you can download the app on both iOS and Android.

The gameplay this year is pretty incredible and doesn't feel too much like a mobile game. Still, it provides all the mobile-friendly perks.

Madden 23 Mobile
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MOST FEARED NIGHTFALL: Complete various stages and earn a lot of rewards.

You can complete various stages of the Madden 23 Most Feared Nightfall program to earn rewards and get extra cards.

There are various uniform rewards as well, so if you're ready to download the app you can use this link .

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