EA addresses Madden 23 Solo Battles not working, House Rules & MUT Coin Rewards

Madden 23 Solo Battles not working and the current MUT Rewards issues are just a few of the major bugs plaguing the game since launch.

With the October Title Update just over the horizon, EA has now commented on these issues and when Madden 23 could have fixes landing.

Madden 23 Solo Battles not working & MUT Rewards issues addressed by EA

There have been no shortage of bugs and issues with Madden 23 since launch, but we're finally getting some clarity on the path to fixing them.

During the latest episode of Good Morning Madden, it was stated that a fix for Trophy Packs in Ultimate Team is going through testing in preparation for rollout.

It was also stressed that while the Madden 23 dev team at EA want the fixes to all go out together, they will still roll some out soon even if others haven't yet been solved.

Madden 23 Solo Battles not working MUT rewards
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STAY TUNED: The issues are being worked on, EA insists

As seen above, we've also gotten clarifications from the EA Help account on Twitter confirming that specific issues are known and being worked on.

Perhaps the biggest for some players is the fact that Madden 23 Solo Battles have not been working at all with a connection or server related error message showing after they're kicked out.

Connected to this has been a series of MUT 23 Rewards for Field Pass, Gridiron Guardians, House Rules, and Coins not being granted properly.

Madden 23 October Title Update needs to have significant bug fixes

These latest problems in Madden 23 Ultimate Team are only a small part of what's been affecting players.

Franchise Mode and Face of the Franchise have been riddled with game-breaking bugs since launch, some of which EA Help has also acknowledged are known issues.

Team Diamonds was set to drop just prior to the arrival of Hurricane Ian, but the Madden 23 dev team also identified problems with the program during that delay.

They're currently targeting the week of October 17 for the Team Diamonds release and have confirmed the pre-release fix will have to come in a full Title Update for Madden 23.

That confirms the already suspected Madden 23 October Title Update containing fixes for these issues and hopefully many others isn't far away.

Our best estimate at this point is that the Madden 23 October Title Update should arrive by Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

Things could still change, but EA commenting so publicly on these issues and promising updates puts heavy pressure on them to deliver soon.

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