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Madden 23 Mobile Halloween promo teaser features Tom Brady

The latest news from Madden 23 Mobile is the Halloween promo that was revealed via a teaser tweet for the upcoming program.

Although not released yet, we're going to take a look at what we know so far and how players can get involved before the launch.

Ready to take Madden 23 on the road during the spookiest season of the year?

Madden 23 Mobile Halloween Promo

The Madden 23 Mobile app is getting a Halloween program which is likely to start sometime in the next week.

We didn't get much from the teaser tweet but it sort of looks like Tom Brady is entering a Halloween Funhouse of some sort.

The ticket booth's on the side make us think that there might be an online element to the program, having Madden 23 Mobile users get in some Ultimate Team action.

If you're not looking to jump into mobile action, you can still purchase Madden 23 on consoles by using the link below.

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How to download Madden 23 Mobile

Although some players might stray away from Madden 23 Mobile we'd suggest taking a second look at the game.

This year they did a lot of work on the graphics, making it feel more like a console game than an actual mobile game.

In our opinion, Madden 23 Mobile is a great way to take football on the road with you and gives you a chance to earn some rewards as well.

If you're looking to download the game on iOS and Android systems, follow this link.

Gridiron Guardians in Mobile Ultimate Team

Before the launch of the Halloween Promo in Madden 23 Mobile, the Gridiron Guardians were released to the game.

Two players were revealed, one of which was Fletcher Cox, one of the best defensive tackles in NFL history.

Madden 23 Mobile
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GRIDIRON RANDY MOSS: Load up the app and get the Gridiron Guardian Randy Moss.

The other card that was revealed during the Gridiron Guardians promotion was Randy Moss, so you can head to Madden 23 Mobile to start working toward this card.

Once the full reveal for the Halloween Promo is revealed, we'll keep you updated on all of the new cards.

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