Madden 22 Zero Chill stream to reveal all program details ahead of start date

Madden 22 Zero Chill is just around the corner, and we're finally getting an idea of when we'll learn more about the program.

We've got all the details you need on when Madden 22 Zero Chill will arrive and ice out Ultimate Team.

Madden 22 Zero Chill start date officially confirmed

After speculation of when the program was due to arrive based on prior versions, we finally have confirmation of when Madden 22 Zero Chill is due to arrive.

Madden 22 Zero Chill will start on Friday, December 10, 2021 and is expected to go live in the game earlier in the day, potentially around 10am ET.

This lined right up with the expectation we had, but the confirmation also came with some less than ideal news for some fans.

Madden 22 Zero Chill Ultimate Team MUT start
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IT'S BACK: Zero Chill is officially coming back to Ultimate Team

Madden 22 Zero Chill is definitely landing Friday, but the arrival of the program will also mark a significant hiatus for Team of the Week.

TOTW 14 and TOTW 15 have been officially delayed as EA Sports gets ready to be out of the studio for some of this month due to the holidays.

While those pieces of Ultimate Team will be on hold, new content will continue to be released as part of Zero Chill.

Zero Chill program details to be revealed in content stream

MUT 22 will be getting a plethora of new content with Zero Chill, starting with up to a few dozen new Ultimate Team players.

Zero Chill is also sure to bring new Challenges and Missions, and potentially the return of Snow as an in-game currency to operate with the program.

There are also a handful of connected card series that we could see make a return, like Snow Beasts and Ghosts of Madden, but neither of those has been confirmed as of yet.

Madden 22 Zero Chill SNow Beasts
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SNOW BEASTS: These unique cards landed last year in MUT

However, the good news is we know when to expect to learn the details of Madden 22 Zero Chill.

As announced during Good Morning Madden, they're looking at doing a special content reveal stream on Thursday, December 9 in the evening with a focus on Zero Chill.

This may end up hinging on how close to ready that content is, as the reveal could also happen during Good Morning Madden on Thursday, December 9.

While a morning reveal would follow the exact schedule for Good Morning Madden and land at 10:30am ET, an evening reveal could vary but would likely land around 7pm ET.

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