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Madden 22 Team of the Week 14 & 15 delayed, TOTW going on hiatus

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Madden 22 has consistently delivered Team of the Week since the season began, but things are changing with TOTW 14 and 15.

We've got all the latest on why Team of the Week 14 and 15 have been delayed and when TOTW is coming back to Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

Madden 22 Team of the Week 14 & 15 delayed

During the latest episode of Good Morning Madden, we got a lot more Team of the Week news than is usually expected each Tuesday morning.

In addition to the reveal of the TOTW 13 lineup, it was announced that things will be changing in the coming weeks for Ultimate Team.

Team of the Week 14 and Team of the Week 15, originally expected to be released in the next two weeks, have officially been delayed and won't be arriving until next year.

Madden 22 TOTW Team of the Week 14 15 delayed
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THE SHOW MUST GO ON: Gameday will continue even if MUT 22 is on pause

TOTW 14 was originally expected on December 14, while TOTW 15 would've landed on December 21, but both of them will be even longer than that.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team players will have to wait all the way to January 11, 2022 to get TOTW 14 and 15 in their lineup.

As explained during Good Morning Madden, the actual EA Sports studio will be closed entirely between December 23 and January 5.

They've still got Zero Chill drops on the agenda, which will likely take up those final few weeks leading into the holiday as they set up the content dropping through the end of the month.

TOTW 16 and on may not arrive in Ultimate Team

While they explained that TOTW 14 and 15 would be delayed until January 11, that still leaves many questions about what's next for Team of the Week.

MUT 22 has consistently gotten a Team of the Week drop since the NFL season began, and that season will continue all the way into Week 18 with the final regular season games happening on January 8, 2022.

Madden 22 TOTW Team of the Week 14 15
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THE END: It looks like TOTW could be wrapping things up already

That would leave TOTW 16, TOTW 17, and TOTW 18 up in the air as all three of those drops would be based on games during the Team of the Week hiatus.

There was no word during Good Morning Madden and no news so far about whether Team of the Week will end with the drop of lineups for Week 14 and Week 15 or whether they will continue dropping in that delayed fashion.

While TOTW may come to a close, there was mention of January content being planned and much of that could tie into the NFL Playoffs and the impending Super Bowl on February 13, 2022.

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