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Madden 22 deep dive shows Dynamic Gameday & Next Gen

Madden 22 is ready to arrive in a few short months, and fans got a closer look this week at the new Dynamic Gameday mechanic and some of this year's core gameplay improvements.

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We've got all the details you need that were included in this deep dive for Madden 22, or you can watch the video in full right here.

Madden 22 Dynamic Gameday Deep Dive


One of this year's biggest additions in Madden 22 will be Dynamic Gameday, which is a next gen exclusive feature that will bring the energy of an NFL stadium to life like never before.

The latest deep dive by EA Sports looked at the three components of it, beginning with Gameday Atmosphere and how it will impact the presentation in games.

Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI will inform an updated broadcast package for games, and momentum will affect new sideline reactions and celebrations in Madden 22.

On top of new crowd animations, the stadium will have generic versions of classic super fans in the stands, but we did confirm during the media preview that these will not include in-game versions of real-life NFL super fans like Fireman Ed and Big Nasty.

Madden 22 Deep Dive All Access Gameday Dynamic Next Gen
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SUPER FANS: The crowd will look more like the real thing this year

The next component shown was Gameday Momentum, which includes M-Factors or special home field advantage abilities that home teams get when they have the momentum on their side.

Every single NFL team has their own unique M-Factor, with a few shown including Seattle's crowd noise scrambling receiving routes, Chicago's wind affecting opposing kickers, or Denver's altitude depleting stamina reserves.

The final aspect of Dynamic Gameday is Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI, which will use the real-life performances of players to impact in-game nuances like a quarterback's decision-making under pressure, passing aggressiveness, time to throw, and more.

Madden 22 Deep Dive All Access Gameday Dynamic Next Gen
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HARD OF HEARING: Crowd noise can affect QBs in Madden 22

Next Gen Stats will also impact Team AI as well as individual player AI, with the aim being to change tendencies throughout the season to keep Madden 22 feeling fresh.

On top of the Dynamic Gameday details, this deep dive took a moment to look at the updates given to player movement in Madden 22, which were noted as next gen in the video but it wasn't clear if these are exclusive to next gen.

Players will see the following movement improvements:

  • Max 'Effort' animations for all players when running at top speed
  • More responsive control for QBs to and from scramble
  • Signature releases and cuts for receivers in route running
  • More control when turning up the field after a catch
  • Contextual intelligence in tackling: Touch-Player-Down, Sideline Tackles, Early-Hurdle and more

We've gotten to see some of those catching improvements in the Madden 22 beta, but there could still be some tweaking needed to the final build between now and launch as wildly inaccurate catch sequences are still somewhat frequent.

Start Time

The Madden 22 Dynamic Gameday deep dive released on Tuesday, June 29 at 10am ET.

While we expected the Franchise Mode deep dive to go upwards of 30 minutes to an hour, last week's reveal was just five minutes long.

That seems to be the standard now, as the Deep Dive into Dynamic Gameday also rolled in right around the five minute mark.

Watch Now

The livestream for the Madden 22 Deep Dive into Dynamic Gameday aired on the Madden social media channels and YouTube.


You can visit those channels yourself or watch live right here.


Madden 22 Beta Review looks at new features

On top of the opportunity to attend the media preview to hear about Madden 22 and what's new this year, we've also been granted the opportunity to join the closed beta.

This year's Community Playtest only provided a limited amount of game modes, but the addition of Dynamic Gameday was something we got to really feel out within the game.

You can check out our in progress review of the beta here for first impressions of this early unfinished build of Madden 22.