Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Zero Chill updates with Ghosts of Madden Past and new legends – Shaun Alexander, Michael Strahan, Bo Jackson

A couple of weeks ago, Zero Chill made its way back to MUT with the launch of the signature winter program.

It contains lots of players, brings plenty of packs into the store, and sees several new challenges make it’s way to Solo’s and online H2H.

Over the next three weeks, the duration of the program, there will be plenty of updates bringing new challenges and players to Ultimate Team.

Now, in the latest updates, we have two new legends that instantly become the best cards in the game, alongside the Ghosts of Madden Past.

Here is everything you need to know about the latest update to MUT Zero Chill.

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New Legends

These new players go right to being the best available in all of MUT and are now available in the game;

Shaun Alexander (97 OVR)

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The Madden 07 cover star is back.

The bruising runner will suit the impactful running style common in MUT21.

With 96 acceleration and 95 speed, he's not just big but he's quick. Teaming this with 97 breaking tackle and 94 trucking and it might just be impossible for anything other than elite defenders to tackle him.

Michael Strahan (97 OVR)

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The XLII Super Bowl champion has made his way into the game.

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With 97 power moves, 91 finesse moves, and 96 block shed, you won't be stopping him from getting into the backfield. When he does get to a ball carrier, the 96 tackling is getting the job done.

Ghosts of Madden Past

In addition to a new solo challenge, six more headline players can now be acquired as part of Zero Chill’s Ghosts of Madden Past program.

Bo Jackson, Master, (96 OVR)

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In his short NFL career, Bo Jackson made a big impact.

Well now you can make a big impact with him in MUT.

With 96 acceleration, 95 speed, 94 change of direction, and 94 agility - he is impossible to pin down.

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He also has 95 trucking and break tackle too, so even if a defender does get near it's like Bo will be able to break free.

Tony Gonzalez (96 OVR)

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One of the greatest TE's of all time, Gonzalez has mouth-watering stats.

91 speed for a TE is deadly across the middle. Especially when teamed with 96 catching, short route running, and catch in traffic. There isn't anyone better catching a 10 yard pass over the middle.

Adding 73 run block is actually a fairly decent stat too for the running game. Some OL would be proud of that.

Rod Woodson (96 OVR)

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With the influx of top WRs, you will need CBs that can keep up.

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Woodson is now one of the best CBs in the game.

With 95 man cover, 94 zone cover, and 93 press - he's a matchup nightmare. Also, 94 speed and acceleration means he isn't going to be beaten by streaks.

Steve Atwater (94 OVR)

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Another monster in the secondary, Atwater is an FS with some impressive stats.

With 93 pursuit, 92 play recognition, and 92 tackle, he will diagnose the play and get to his man before putting him on the turf.

92 speed and acceleration is great for an FS to get around the field too.

Larry Fitzgerald (92 OVR)

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The WR legend gets another top card.

Highlights are 93 jump and 92 catch with 91 catch in traffic and spec catch. Larry will win contested balls in big moments to give you the edge.

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He is great across multiple levels of route with 89 short route, 87 medium route, and 88 deep route.

Kyle Juszczyk (90 OVR)

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A lower priority position, but Juszczyk can be a gamechanger still.

Insane blocking stats with 90 lead block and 87 impact block, but he can also run and catch.

88 carrying and 82 catching make him a triple threat and someone you want in the team.

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