Madden 21 Zero Chill: Masters, Promo, Sets, Packs, Out of Position, Ghosts of Madden, Challenges

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The holiday season has been massive for Madden 21 Ultimate Team.

Following on from FIFA 21's Freeze promo, in Madden, Zero Chill has released some of the strongest cards in Ultimate Team.

Latest News - Four New Masters Added to Zero Chill

It's the most important time of year for Madden 21 Ultimate Team, as Zero Chill is reaching its final days.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team MUT 21 Zero Chill Masters
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UPPER ECHELON: The new Zero Chill Masters are top tier additions to any MUT 21 squad

The most recent drop is one of the strongest yet, adding four new massive Zero Chill Masters to Madden 21.

This includes a 95 OVR Jamal Adams from the Out of Position Set, 94 OVR Daniel Jones from Ghosts of Madden Future, 95 OVR Tre'Davius White from Ghosts of Madden Present, and 96 OVR Junior Seau from Ghosts of Madden Past.

Zero Chill Drops Keep Coming

The Zero Chill promo quite literally has zero chill!

The seasonal drops have granted users some pretty tasty rewards so far, with plenty of diamond cards on show in the latest.

That 95-rated Bobby Wagner is the man we're after, but we'd settle for any of the above in all honesty.

Zero Chill is LIVE!

Zero Chill arrives in MUT 21!

CHILL OUT - Temperatures are dropping in MUT
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CHILL OUT - Temperatures are dropping in MUT

We've already seen a 95 Charles Woodson card, 96 Junior Seau, and more massive drops.

Release Date

The promo began on Monday, 14 December.

Since then, we've had huge drops from Zero Chill, Out of Position, and Ghosts of Madden.


Madden 21 Zero Chill has several theme sets.

Madden 21 MUT 21 Sets Winter Promo Zero Chill
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ON THE RADAR: MUT 21 Promo Sets often reward up and coming players and legends alike

These sets include the Out of Position set and the Ghosts of Madden sets.

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Players from these sets can be earned through challenges and grinding up currencies.


Like all Madden 21 Ultimate Team Promos, Zero Chill includes many sets and packs.

MUT 21 packs Madden 21 Zero Chill Promo
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LUCK OF THE PULL: There will be plenty of big players to pull in the next MUT 21 promo

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The Zero Chill promo has released some incredibly strong cards, including several new best-in-position players. This makes the set even more important, and if you could ever cash in your pack pulling luck - now is the time!



Madden 21 Zero Chill Masters are some of the most powerful cards in MUT 21.

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These cards have reached up to 96 OVR, and all make the Zero Chill promo massively important for players trying to compete in MUT 21.


MUT 21 Zero Chill challenges are required to grind up your rewards during the event.

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These challenges offer Snow, collectibles, packs, and more. Make sure to log in regularly to see all of the challenges and new rewards over the course of the Zero Chill promo!

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