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Madden 21 TOTW 15 Predictions: MUT Team of the Week - Allen, Hurts, LTD, POTW & more

With every game, the playoff picture gets clearer and we get closer to the massive TOTY cards.

Another Sunday in the books means another set of performances to predict who will be added to Madden 21’s Ultimate Team.

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Who will get the big cards this time?


Madden 21 TOTW 15 release date

Unlike the usual weekly releases, there was an announcement on Good Morning Madden that EA Sports would be focusing on the Zero Chill Christmas releases

This means that the TOTW cards will be stored and released in one big update in January. So on January 12th 2021, we will get four weeks in one - week 14 thru 17.

WAITING GAME: Mid-January and we get four drops in one
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WAITING GAME: Mid-January and we get four drops in one

Make sure to do the solo challenge so you get your Team of the Year token!


LTD – Josh Allen

Josh Allen is tearing up the league this season and he's helped the Bills secure their first division title for 25 years - before Allen was even born.

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He's a threat in the passing game and on the ground.

He led the Bills to beat the playoff rival Steelers with 238 passing yards, two TDs in the air, and two TDs on the ground.

He is making a late push for MVP and should feature in some way for TOTY.

POTW – Jalen Hurts

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Jalen Hurts has had a whirlwind couple of weeks.

He has come in to replace Carson Wentz as the starting QB and has been lighting the league up.


Despite a close loss, Hurts shone with 338 passing yards and three TDs without any interceptions. He's also deadly on his feet with 63 rushing yards and a TD.

His best current card is a 68 OVR Core Rookie, but that is going to change.

He is showing rookie of the year ability and might surprise some people with a 90 OVR POTW with great speed and acceleration.


This year the TOTW Heroes are used to get more historical players into the game.

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It’s almost impossible to guess, but seeing the Jets getting a win they might fancy boosting fans' experiences, so something like Darelle Revis could easily come into the game here.


Rest of TOTW 15 predictions

Who could get the other slots in the TOTW promo?

Let’s take a look.

Calvin Ridley

His 89 OVR Team Standout card might make this one a bit unnecessary, but there’s no doubt Calvin Ridley deserves a TOTW card.

He caught 10 receptions for 163 yards and a TD in the loss to the Buccs.

Long seen as one of the best WR2 in the NFL, in Julio Jones absence he is showing he can actually be a great WR1.

Darren Waller

Another huge day for the unstoppable TE.

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He already has an LTD card, but he is truly playing out of his skin.

Despite the defenders focusing attention on stopping him and a backup QB, Waller racked up 9 catches for 150 yards and a TD.


Derrick Henry

We are running out of things to say and space to write about this man.

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Any other player would be having a career day with 147 rushing yards and a TD, but for Henry, it's a slightly quiet one.

That's how good he is. We are all watching to see if he can break the single-season rushing record and cement his place in history.

Dennis Gardeck

Get to know the name.

In the Cardinals' comeback win against the Eagles, Gardeck had 3 tackles and 2 sacks as the defensive line had the beating of the Eagles OL.

That takes him to six sacks for the season which is a franchise record for an undrafted rookie.