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Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Zero Chill gets its first update with Ghosts of Madden Present – JJ Watt, Alvin Kamara, Eric Kendricks

Earlier this week, Zero Chill made its way back to MUT with the launch of the signature winter program.

It contains lots of players, brings plenty of packs into the store, and sees several new challenges make it’s way to Solo’s and online H2H.

Over the next three weeks, the duration of the program, there will be plenty of updates bringing new challenges and players to Ultimate Team.

Now, just a few days after its release, there has already been an update with the Ghosts of Madden Present being added.

Here is everything you need to know about the latest update to MUT Zero Chill.

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Ghosts of Madden Present

In addition to a new solo challenge, five more players can now be acquired as part of Zero Chill’s Ghosts of Madden Present program.


JJ Watt, Master, (95 OVR)

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This is the 2nd time JJ Watt has been the master card in a Ghosts of Madden Present promo.

And thats testament to his incredible career. The two-time defensive player of the year and sack-leader has a monster card.

He has one of the better value defensive end cards already in MUT in the form of his TOTW 3 card, but now he has one of the best cards in the entire game.


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With 96 play rec, 95 tackle, 94 strength, 94 pursuit, 91 block shed and hit power, this card is immense.

It is alread reaching a lofty 387k coins on Xbox and 398k coins on PS.

Alvin Kamara (95 OVR)

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A HB that is as good recieving as he is running, this card will be in plenty of teams soon enough.


This is absolutely one of the best HB cards in the gamer at this point, and if paired with recievers who excel in blocking he will dominate.

With 97 break tackle, 95 agility, 95 acceleration, 94 speed, 94 change of direction, 94 juke, 90 spin, 90 stiff arm and 90 carrying, it's going to take 95+ OVR defenders to stop him.

Eric Kendricks (93 OVR)

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This Kendricks card is elite. If you manage to get him your team will have gotten its QB of the defense.


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Aimed at playing amazing coverage, he has elite stats for a LB.

With 93 play rec, 92 tackle, 92 pursuit, 91 zone cover and 89 hit power - not much is getting past him in the middle of the field.

Cam Newton (91 OVR)

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Due to a difficult season in the NFL, this card is a jump from his 83 OVR Ultimate Kickoff card.

With 87 speed, 89 acceleration and 85 agility this is a fairly mobile QB card, albeit there are better. However, add 95 throw power and 90 throw on run and you get a decent balance between mobile QB and pocket passer.


Xavier Rhodes (89 OVR)

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Available for around 40k coins on both platforms, this is a bit of a bargain card.

With 91 speed, 90 acceleration and 91 jump he will keep up with all but the best receivers.

Add 88 press and 87 man cover and he can be a staple on your secondary for a long time.

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