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17 Jul 2020

Madden 21 Best X-Factors: Best abilities, new features - YAC 'Em Up, Fearmonger, Avalanche & more

It may be Madden 21 ratings season, but we've also gotten some big news on X-Factor abilities.

We've recently learned Madden 21 is re-introducing the popular X-Factor abilities from Madden 20, and the full list has apparently been released.

With that, let's go over the best reported X-Factor abilities in Madden 21.

Best offensive X-Factor abilities

The abilities are broken up by position, so let's take the offensive ones first.

YAC 'Em Up

YAC 'Em Up is an X-Factor ability for George Kittle that will almost guarantee breaking the first post-catch tackle.

This is a huge way to ensure a big gain in a tight spot on offense, and is a great way to bust single coverage wide open.

Double Me

Double Me is an X-Factor ability for Travis Kelce, Mike Evans, DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones, Devante Adams, and Adam Thielen.

Madden 21 Travis Kelce X-Factor abilities Double Me

CAN I GET SOME HELP?: You'll need to keep a close eye on players like Kelce thanks to Double Me

It increases the success rate of aggressive catches against single coverage.

This ability accurately represents the pressure top receivers have on defenses. But it will completely warp how defenders cover these receivers in Madden 21, with the threat of Double Me being used at any opportune time.

Run N Gun

Run N Gun is an X-Factor ability that has yet to be assigned to a player that will give perfect accuracy while throwing on the run.

Madden 21 X-Factor abilities Run N Gun

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?: With Lamar Jackson scrambling to the outside, you'll have to decide quickly between stopping the run or guarding the pass

This ability completely removes any concept of a pocket for passers when it matters most.

This also makes mobile QB's who are already taking over the league that much stronger.

Best defensive X-Factor abilities

Time to go hunting on defense!


Fearmonger is an X-Factor ability for Von Miller and Fletcher Cox that applies significant pressure on QB's even when the player is engaged with blockers.

Von Miller X-Factor abilities Madden 21 Fearmonger

SHAKING IN YOUR CLEATS: Von Miller can scare a QB with a point of his finger in Madden 21

Fearmonger will be a huge pain for QB's as it's ultimately unavoidable. This makes it a very strong move for big 3rd down and redzone moments no matter how you play them.


Avalanche is an X-Factor ability for Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams that will guarantee a fumble when successfully landing a hit stick while running towards the line of scrimmage.

bobby wagner madden

HOLD TIGHT: If Wagner is coming at you with Avalanche available, it's more than likely going to be a fumble

A guaranteed fumble is wording that makes any Madden player cringe on sight, and it might be the most powerful X-Factor ability in Madden 21 as a result.

In addition the requirements for this X-Factor ability are very simple to pull off, which means the ability will be hard to shut down.