Madden 21: Best offensive scheme - unstoppable formation with multiple play options

Madden 21 has been out for a few weeks now, and the best plays and schemes are rising to the surface.

Youtuber, EricRayweather is convinced he has found the best offensive scheme in the game.

The plays all come from the same formation and can't be stopped by average opponents.

Gun Ace Slot Offset

madden 21 best offensive scheme
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Playbook – New England Patriots

Formation – Gun

Group – Gun Ace Slot Offset

Audible Plays – PA Bubble, Inside Zone, Levels Y Sail, China Double In

Key Play – Posts

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To set these audible plays, go to the group in the formation and use the LT/L2 button to change what the preset in-game play audibles are to those above.


This is the play you should always come out in.

It's the hardest play in the formation to set up and defend.

madden 21 best offensive scheme posts
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Some important things to note;

  1. Always have your WRs on the open side of the field – If you find they are on the side of the hash you are snapping, then flip the play.
  2. Make sure X/Square receiver is fast

Without a user in the middle, RB/R1 receiver is open in virtually any coverage unless the opponent makes zone audibles.

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At the same time, the Y/Triangle route is usually open for 4/5 gains minimum and the X/Square receiver mentioned earlier will beat Cover 3 if he is fast enough and you can get enough time in the pocket.

If the opponent reacts by bringing the zones down to the line of scrimmage to stop these short routes, then that opens up the B/Circle receiver to the sideline.

Levels Y Sail

We often talk about mixing it up so that your opponent can't settle into an easy defense, and whilst this scheme is very difficult to defend, it's still sage advice.

Levels Y Sail is another play you can run from this formation, and it's one of the audibles selected.

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  1. Set your B/Circle receiver to a streak route - this drags some of the secondary up the field to create space for the others.

The focus is on the A/X and RB/R1 receivers on the opposite side. Cover 3 or 4 the A/X will always be open, and if it's Cover 2 then the RB/R1 will pick up easy short yardage.

If the opponent shades down, you have a window to hit the X/Square receiver running the in route.

PA Bubble

The next play from this formation is the PA Bubble

madden 21 best offensive scheme pa bubble
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This play is saved for the moments that the opposition isn't base aligned.

Most plays, there will be a CB directly opposite the primary reciever. But sometimes opponents will move that defender to the line of scrimmage, to increase blitz pressure.

This play is here, and ready in the audible list to teach them a lesson. It's easy yards without that defender opposite.

The inside zone is the last play in the audible which will give you a double TE blocking system that helps with the running game.

Again you want to mix up run and pass to keep the opponent guessing and trying different defenses that you can then take advantage of.

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