Madden 20: Green Bay Packers Franchise Mode trade targets, draft needs, & roster moves to win the Super Bowl

One of the founding fathers of the NFL, the Packers have taken part in over 1300 games since their founding in 1921. Since 2000, they have been to the playoffs 13 of 18 seasons and won a Superbowl.

That said, they haven't had a winning record for 3 seasons and this is something the fans aren't used to. With the generational talent of Aaron Rodgers at QB, they really need to make the most of this opportunity.

How can you make some moves to turn them from 6-9-1 to Superbowl champs?

Team Rating

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OFFENSIVE: Most of the Packers talent is one sided

The Packers are an unbalanced team at 81 OVR. They have a very strong offense at 83 OVR, but an underperforming defense on 79 OVR. They have some big talents in the team, with a focus on X-Factor Superstar QB Aaron Rodgers (90 OVR).

Supporting Rodgers is his ensemble cast of talent. Including Star HB Adam Jones (82 OVR), Superstar WR Devante Adams (91 OVR) and Superstar LT David Bikhtiari (96 OVR).

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Their defense is a little more patchy. But they have a core led by Star DT Kenny Clark (90 OVR), Star LOLB Za'Darius Smith (83 OVR), Star MLB Blake Martinez (82 OVR) and Star SS Adrian Amos (87 OVR)

So how can you improve this team to fight for a Lombardi trophy?

Biggest needs

The big problems you should be looking to address are focused around all the Right Guard and Right Defensive End.

There is a problem with OL talent in this year's Madden. Buy, but don't sell. In this lineup, Billy Turner (63 OVR, 68 Pass Block, 65 Run Block) stands out as a poor starter. Some of this will be covered up by the rest of your good OL, but it's still something to address.

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At Right Defensive End you have a couple of young players in Montravius Adams (66 OVR, 67 Power Move, 62 Finesse Move) and Kingsley Keke (65 OVR, 66 Power Move, 70 Finesse Move). Keke is a rookie and worth keeping around but neither of them are good enough to be starting for a championship winning team.

Trade Targets

Trying to get someone to part with offensive linemen in this market might be tough. But if you offer a lot and put importance in the position there are deals to be done.

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As you dont have many gaps in other positions you can offer the world to get the best player. There’s a couple of options in this position, but if you’re going to do it, you may as well try to stick one to your division rivals at the same time…

Shaw Mason, Right Guard (88 OVR)

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FUTURE TALENT: Mason is achievable to get and will instantly improve your team

Age: 26

Best Stats: Awareness (89), Run Block (89), Lead Block (89), Impact Block (88), Strength (87), Pass Block (84)

Shaq Mason is a Star RG that is one of the best young talents for the position.

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He is very well rounded, with elite Run Block (89) and Lead Block (89), meaning he will get your running game going and grind out the tough yards. His Pass Block (84) is still commendable and his strength (87) is also up there as good.

Myles Garrett, Right Defensive End (91 OVR)

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FUTURE 99er: Get in now before he IS the BEST

Age: 23

Best Stats: Strength (96), Power Moves (93), Awareness (92), Acceleration (90), Block Shed (88), Finesse Move (86)

At this position there is 99 club member Aaron Donald, but he's going to be impossible to get with a $30m penalty for the seller. So we've gone for his younger understudy.

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Myles Garrett is a Superstar X factor and only 23 years old - expect him to be 99 overall in a few seasons. Everything about him is elite. He has insane strength (96) which will beat nearly every lineman. He has both Power Moves (93) and Finesse Moves (86) to get to the QB. Even his tackle (81) is good, making him an absolute allrounder and one of the best in the game.

Free Agent Targets

These guys won’t cost you draft picks, but you’ll need some cap space to sign them.

William Hayes, Left Defensive End (83 OVR)

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OLD BUT GOLD: Hayes is a scheme fit who can do a job

Age: 34

Best Stats: Tackle (90), Block Shed (87), Play Recognition (85), Strength (85), Acceleration (84), Power Moves (82), Speed (80)

At RealSport we do like a positional move to fill gaps, and this one comes with a bonus. Hayes is one of the best Free Agents available, and despite his age he can do a job. The added bonus is when we move him to RE he is a scheme fit.

His tackle (90) and block shed (87) are still elite, and despite his age he has good Speed (80) and Acceleration (84) which is enough for the position. He has great Power Moves (82) too.

Clint Boling, Right Guard (76 OVR)

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JOURNEYMAN: He wont set the world on fire, but he improves your team

Age: 30

Best Stats: Strength (87), Lead Block (86), Impact Block (86), Awareness (85), Run Block (76), Pass Block (75)

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On a difficult market, a versatile linemen like Boling is actually a god send. He can play pretty much anywhere along the line and has stats that mean he won't cause problems.

He has good strength (87) to deal with big DTs and his run block (76) and pass block (75) are well balanced.

Draft Targets

The draft should be about looking ahead and there are a couple of positions that will become problems down the line. At Tight End you have a couple of strong older players in Jimmy Graham (32yo) and Mercedes Lewis (35yo).

The regression will start to set in soon, so it's worth finding a great talent in the 1st round and bringing them through.

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Nailing the draft can be a big ask, as players rarely fit needly into their expected stat ranges and the AI can snipe your targets from you. Don't fear, we have all the tips & tricks for you to master drafting in Franchise Mode here.

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