How to Tackle in Madden 24

Learning all the moves and tricks that can help you to win a Madden 24 game is essential. If you are new to EA Sports' football simulation, there are many things you need to understand to become good at it. How to tackle in Madden 24 is the next of the guides we prepared to make your gaming experience easier.

So far, we have talked about various moves. We explained passing styles in Madden 24 and told you how to dive in Madden 24 and how to block a field goal in Madden 24.

Now, we know defence is a vital part of any football team. Without strong and well-timed tackling and organized D, our opponents would crush us. We don’t want that to happen.

How to tackle in Madden 24

Based on its tackle advantage algorithm, EA Sports changed the tackling in Madden 24, compared to previous editions of the game. A wrap tackle is now a conservative tackle. You can also lift the player with a scoop tackle. Thanks to new animations, tackling have been improved, so the shorter defenders will tackle the ball carrier’s legs, while you can even hit a receiver in stride.

This is how to tackle in Madden 24.
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Tackle your rival in Madden 24

Here is how to tackle in Madden 24:

Conservative ‘Breakdown Tackle’ - Hold X (PS), Hold A (Xbox), Hold E (PC)

Aggressive Dive Tackle - Press Square (PS), Press X (Xbox), Press Q (PC)

Hit Stick - Flick the right stick up when in range of the ball carrier (PS/Xbox), Press W (PC)

Cut Stick (take ball carrier’s legs out) - Flick the right stick down when in range of the ball carrier (PS/Xbox), Press S (PC)

No matter what type of tackle it is, the momentum and approach are crucial. Use the left analogue stick to steer your player toward the ball carrier. Keep an angle that allows you to cut off their path effectively.

Unlike previous years, the hit stick is very risky in all but the most ideal circumstances. However, we have found great success with the cut stick, especially in open field situations.

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