Madden 21: Chicago Bears Theme Team MUT 21 Guide - Roquan Smith, Khalil Mack, Lance Briggs, Kyle Fuller & more

Madden 21 Ultimate Team opens the door for many theme team possibilities - and players chase these to create their favorite all-time lineups.

With that in mind, let's go over one of the best MUT 21 theme teams, the Chicago Bears, and some important players to pick up.

Bears Theme Team

Theme teams in MUT 21 keep things interesting, and the Bears are a team that has plenty of historic and current talent to choose from.

The Bears have plenty of options on defense, but the offense is a bit trickier and presents a fun challenge for players that like something different.

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For players that put together a Bears Theme Team in Madden 21, these are some pickups you can't miss.

The Most Important Pieces

The star of any Bears team has to be 93 OVR Roquan Smith from the Limited Edition collection. He's going to be the QB for this incredible defense from the MLB position.

roquan smith le mut21
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LIMITED EDITION: These cards are the best of the best

Alongside him getting pressure on the QB from the LOLB position is 92 OVR Khalil Mack from Most Feared. And one of the best LB corps in MUT theme teams is finished off with LOLB 91 OVR Lance Briggs from Team of the Week 5.

The secondary is just as good.

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Led by 90 OVR Adrian Amos at SS from the Flashbacks collection, you can also add 89 OVR Kyle Fuller from Team Standouts

Finishing your defensive studs will be big lineman 89 OVR Akiem Hicks from Veterans at LE.

khalil mack most feared mut21
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GIVE YOU NIGHTMARES: Mack is one of the best pass rushers in the game

The offensive is nowhere near as good, but this is the best of the bunch.

At QB, you have a choice between 86 OVR Mitch Trubisky from Team Builders and 85 OVR Nick Foles from Most Feared (apparently not ironic...).

Blocking for him you need to get the 87 OVR Jimbo Covert from Team Diamonds.

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The rest of the offense is focused around current talent.

At HB you have 84 OVR David Montgomery from Team Builders, and catching passes is 83 OVR Allen Robinson II from Core Elite.

Filling in the Rest

With the currently released Madden 21 Ultimate Team programs, these are most valuable weapons for your Bears theme team.

madden 21 bears
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DEFENSIVE JUGGERNAUT: This team can stop anyone

But to bring your team onto the gridiron, you'll have to fill it out.

Most of the players currently available for this theme team will fit in around 80-83 OVR.

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If you can't get all of the top tier options, don't stress, simply fill in with the best cheap options.

The process of building a MUT theme team goes for a long time. This is because teams are constantly growing as new players are released. This means your Bears Theme Team will likely be a work in progress for its entire lifespan.

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In the meantime, you can take people out with the most legendary players to ever touch the gridiron at Soldier Field.

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