Madden 21: Franchise Update & Title Update now live - Gameplay fixes, Dev Traits, X-Factors, & more

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A new Madden 21 Title Update brings with it the promised Franchise Update!

The patch introduces some new features to Madden franchise, while giving us a timeline for future changes.

Will it be enough to satisfy critics? Let's dive in.

Franchise Update lands in latest Title Update

The next Title Update for Madden 21 lands today, and with it comes the first long-awaited Franchise Update.

There are also a lot of stability and gameplay corrections, but let's look at the important franchise updates.

Madden 21 Franchise Update

The Madden 21 Franchise Update comes at a busy time in Madden 21.

Madden 21 Franchise Mode Update Patch Changes
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GROWTH: The new Madden franchise update will arrive 12 November - how will it land?

We've just received the November Title Update that brought some huge new changes along with some new log-in issues. This was then fixed by yesterday's Patch 1.16.

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Let's go over the changes that are coming to the game.

Franchise Update Patch Notes

The Madden 21 Franchise Update hits a few different new features for the game mode.

Dev Trait Regression

The first new feature coming to Madden 21 franchise in this patch is Dev Trait regression tuning, and a setting to turn it off entirely.

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This will mean players in the offseason are evaluated to see if their Dev Trait will regress heading into the next season.

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Along with this, Dev Trait acquisition has been tuned to avoid overpopulating Franchise Mode with Breakout players.

Playoff Bracket

The next new Madden 21 Franchise feature is playoff brackets.

Madden 21 Franchise Mode Playoff Bracket
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KEEPING UP: New playoff brackets will keep Franchise players in the loop post-season

These new brackets will start to show on week 13 of the season, and give the breakdown for teams in the NFL Playoffs. This includes showing games like the Wildcard round and the score for every post-season game.

Player Card Career Stats

A more minor new Madden 21 Franchise feature is more stats for player cards.

Madden 21 Franchise Mode Player Card Changes
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STORY: Madden 21 player cards now better represent player's history

Player cards will now display weekly matchup and results, as well as the team players ended their season on.

X-Factor Ability Customization

Madden 21 Franchise mode players will now be able to customize the X-Factor abilities in their league, both on their own team and others.

This will allow players to tune their Franchise to their own tastes.

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OVR requirements will still apply for X-Factor Abilities, so don't expect to throw Freight Train onto Aaron Rodgers.

Future Franchise Changes

EA offered the next lineup of Madden 21 Franchise Mode changes at the end of the patch notes. These changes will arrive in mid-January according to EA's current schedule.

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These changes include a range of new commissioner controls and personnel logic improvements.

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