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Madden 21 TOTW 9 Predictions: MUT Team of the Week - Mahomes, Allen, LTD, POTW & more

November is the month that good teams and players start to separate, we've had nearly 10 weeks of play to figure out the top performers.

Another Sunday in the books means another TOTW is coming to Madden 21's Ultimate Team.

Who will get the big cards this time?

Madden 21 TOTW 9 release date

As usual, the TOTW cards should be formally announced on the Good Morning Madden stream on Tuesday. That's 10:30am ET / 3:30pm GMT.

madden 21 gmm title card 1
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FREE PACKS: Tune in to streams to get free MUT packs

They'll then be in packs soon after.

Make sure to do the solo challenge so you get your Team of the Year token!

LTD - Patrick Mahomes

Feels like we talk about Mahomes every week.

But he's gone and done it again. With a 372 yard, four TD and zero interception win against the Panthers, Mahomes is setting records.

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Mahomes has 101 career touchdown passes. At the same point in their careers, Tom Brady (27) and Drew Brees (29) were miles behind.

Not a bad year so far for Mahomes with 25 touchdowns, one pick.

There's potential we see him regain his MVP title, but Mahomes' name should drive huge pack buys if he is a LTD. Expect a 91-92 OVR card that is among the best QBs in the game.

POTW - Josh Allen

Theres a few players that could of been in here.

Dalvin Cook lit the league up for the second week in a row. Kyler Murray would have been the choice, had he managed to get the W.

But playing after mourning the loss of his Grandmother, Josh Allen showed the NFL what he could do against a top team in the Seahawks.

josh allen team standout mut 21
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He threw 415 yards and three TDs in a shootout, whilst avoiding any picks. He also scrambled for 14 yards and a TD.

He is showing what he can do this year and might surprise some people with a 90 OVR POTW with massive throw power.


This year the TOTW Heroes are used to get more historical players into the game. Last week saw Rodney Harrison and Will Shields come in. So who will it be this time?

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It's almost impossible to guess, but seeing the Jets and Giants struggle is tough for New York, so Eli Manning or Darelle Revis could easily come into the game here.

Rest of TOTW 9 predictions

Who could get the other slots in the TOTW promo?

Let's take a look.

Kyler Murray

His 89 OVR Team Standouts card might make this one a bit unnecessary, but there's no doubt Kyler Murray deserves a TOTW card.

kyler murray team standout mut 21
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OPTIONS: This card might be better than a POTW one

He threw 283 yards and three TDs without throwing any picks. But what really impressed was the 106 yards rushing for one TD.

He is giving Lamar Jackson some competition as the best mobile QB.

Drew Brees

The Saints had a massive challenge when they took on many peoples Super Bowl favourites in Tampa Bay.

Facing Tom Brady, this match up was one for the QB history books. Well Brady threw three INTs and Brees threw four TDs in a washout 38-3 win for the Saints.

Brees had 222 yards and threw the TDs to four different receivers. Methodical.

Minkah Fitzpatrick

The Steelers kept their unbeaten streak alive by edging out a surprising Cowboys team.

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Missing their starting and 2nd string QBs, the Cowboys performed better than many expected.

Fitzpatrick was everywhere on the field and broke up key plays, as well as getting a key INT that helped seal the win and take the Steelers to 8-0.

Dalvin Cook

For the 2nd week in a row, Dalvin Cook torced an NFL defence.

He only had two TDs this week, but he had 252 yards from scrimmage, including breaking 206 yards in rushing.

If he keeps this up he will be the first HB to be in the MVP discussions since Adrian Peterson in 2012.

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