Madden 21 MUT TOTW 7: Predictions - Tyler Lockett, LTD, POTW, Heroes, Sets & more

Another NFL Sunday is behind us, which means Madden has a new TOTW coming soon!

The weekly promo will join the huge Most Feared program, giving Madden 21 Ultimate Team players plenty to do.

Which players impressed enough to earn a new card this week?

When does TOTW come out?

Madden's TOTW will drop on Tuesday, around the usual 10:30am ET time. For this week that translates to 2:30pm GMT as the clocks went back in the UK.

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BEAST: The top TOTW cards are often among the best in MUT

That should see the solo challenge come out, where you can earn a TOTY token, and the massive LTD and POTW cards hit the game.

LTD - Tyler Lockett

This slot was all Davante Adams' until the Seahawks and Cardinals got in a shootout for the ages. Then Tyler Lockett came in like a whirlwind of fantasy points and epic production.

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He was utterly dominant and his 15 catches for 200 yards & three touchdowns should see him get a massive LTD card around 92 OVR.

POTW - Justin Herbert

There were a lot of stellar performances this week, especially from wide receivers, but if a WR is getting the LTD then the POTW will go elsewhere.

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NO DOUBT: Those that questioned the pick look silly now

Our pick is Chargers QB Justin Herbert, who lit up the Jaguars for 347 yards and three TDs in the air. He also added 66 yards as his team's leading rusher and scored a TD with his feet.

Herbert is turning into a highlight reel QB with some amazing throws.

Rest of TOTW 7

Who else should see a card and Power Up expansion this week?

Tyler Boyd

The Bengals-Browns game was an absolute thriller. While both Baker Mayfield and Joe Burrow put in amazing performances, Boyd is our pick to get a TOTW spot thanks to his 101 yards, 11 catches and a touchdown.

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He also threw a pass for 16 yards!

Fred Warner

The 49ers were utterly dominant in Foxboro, and a big part of their success was thanks to MLB Fred Warner. He let the team with seven tackles and had a terrific interception.

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FAMILIAR FACE: Warner is no stranger to a big TOTW card

He spent a lot of the day moving from receiver to receiver and cutting of angles of attack for the Pats.

Daniel Sorensen

The Chiefs shredded Denver in the snow on Sunday, but not in their usual way. Instead, it was an impressive defensive showing that got the job done.

Daniel Sorensen led the way with nine tackles and an impressive pick-six.

Antonio Gibson

It wasn't a great week for running backs, but Antonio Gibson had a very good day against Dallas.

He had 20 carries for Washington, putting up 128 yards and a score.

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