Madden 21 Stiff Arm: How to rush for extra yards on each carry

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Rushing is huge in Madden 21.

If you have read our guide to running the ball you will already be a pro, winning games through pounding the rock.

One of the best moves in that list is the powerful Stiff Arm.

Here's how to use the move to add on yardage onto every run.

How to Stiff Arm in Madden 21

The Stiff Arm in Madden 21 is all about timing.

The action is one of the easiest in the game. To Stiff Arm you just press A (Xbox) or X (Playstation) when you are running with the ball.

M21 dalvin cook stiff arm 1
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This will make the running animate with an arm out to push off the defender, and depending on lots of variables this will impact the play.

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The biggest variable is timing, you need to press the button as the defender engages. Too early or too late and the impact won't be as good.

Best case scenario, your player will push them off and remain untackled. Worst case scenario, you will still be tackled but you will gain an extra couple of yards - which could be crucial.

Which players are best at Stiff Arm?

Another big variable in whether a Stiff Arm is successful or not is the Stiff Arm stat.

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Obviously the higher the better chance you have of pushing the defender away.

D HenryTENHB9399
A KamaraNOHB8992
C CarsonSEAHB8791
J ConnerPITHB8390
M Gordon IIIDENHB8490
E ElliottDALHB9189
J MixonCINHB8888
J Smith-SchusterPITWR8788
N ChubbCLEHB9288
V McDonaldPITTE7488

There must be something in the water of Pittsburgh as they have three players in the list.

You can see there's not much difference between the top 10 players, but Derrick Henry at 99 is a clear leader. If you can get hold of him in your MUT or Franchise, then this move can be a game changer.

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